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How Ghee (the best clarified butter) can Help You with Weight Loss?

Best-clarified butter For several years, desi cow ghee has become an important part of Indian cuisine. It has built its reputation time then again with its numerous long-lasting health benefits, and it has made a major comeback as being one of the best natural superfoods on supermarket shelves, and homes cabinets that not only allows …


Here is everything you must know about foods containing casein protein

Food containing casein protein The chief protein present in milk products like ghee is casein. While food containing casein protein can be recognized from the vitamin aisle, it is used in the formula for cheese and infants.   What is Casein? Food with casein is a good protein source comprising all the necessary amino acids necessary …


Cultured Grass fed ghee: the safest dairy for dairy sensitive diet

Cultured Grass-fed ghee is slightly different than standard grass-fed ghee, as the manufacturing process is somewhat different. Generally, grass-fed ghee is prepared from milk fat. But instead of milk butter, cultured ghee is prepared from cultured butter, and the initial raw ingredient introduces some specific benefits in the final produce, i.e., cultured grass-fed ghee. Cultured …


cultured butter vs. regular butter, Which one is better?

Cultured butter vs. regular butter Butter is an evergreen ingredient in the world of cooking and taste. There are no other products in the market that can beat butter. However, there are many forms of butter available. The two of them are cultured butter and regular butter. If there’s a competition between cultured butter vs. …


Cultured ghee vs. ghee: the special benefits you cannot overlook

Cultured ghee vs. ghee is an interesting product comparison if you are a health freak, and you are fond of using ghee in your diet. Modern dieticians are widely recommending ghee in the diet because this wholesome dairy product is a nutritious food item that can wonderfully enhance the taste of a dish as well …


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