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Cultured organic ghee: it’s healthy, refined, and safe in food

Cultured organic ghee is cultured ghee, which is organic-certified. It is a pure natural product.   100% pure cow milk fat made, organic cultured ghee is a dairy delicacy. It is prepared from cultured butter and the use of cultured butter makes it unique from traditional 100% Organic Grass-Fed Ghee.   Regular organic ghee is prepared …


Clarified butter uses: 5 easy and healthy ways to use this dairy staple

Clarified butter uses are pretty impressive It has excellent versatility and heath-friendliness that you can use in multiple ways in the diet to enjoy all the clarified butter benefits. Clarified butter is also known as ghee. Coked from regular butter, it is an upgraded pure form of butter, which food freaks call better butter. However, …


Organic cultured ghee

Organic cultured ghee is a kitchen staple, which is versatile in its use, healthy in terms of food benefits, and shelf-friendly for stress-free storage. It is prepared from pure cow milk but unlike regular cow ghee, cultured cow ghee is cooked from cultured butter. What makes cultured ghee unique? In one word, it is the …


Cultured butter ghee

Cultured butter ghee: the healthy delight in calorie control diet Cultured butter ghee is rightly said the friendly and safe ghee. Just look at its name, and the product name will speak of its unique nature itself. Being a dairy product with all the ghee benefits it is just friendly for dairy sensitive people. Although it …


Cultured ghee meaning

Cultured ghee meaning: How it is unique as a dairy product Cultured ghee meaning is nothing intricate. Unlike regular ghee, cultured ghee gets prepared from cultured butter. Like other cultured products, cultured ghee does not contain any live culture, but it contains something unusual than non-cultured ghee. It is lactic acid instead of lactic acid. …


Cultured ghee benefits: unique properties for your sound health

Cultured ghee benefits are something unique and it makes the dairy item slightly different than non-cultured ghee. But before we start discussing the specialty of this special ghee, let’s define first what is cultured ghee, and how it is prepared. We all know that a ghee manufacturer makes ghee clarified butter from unsalted dairy butter. …


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