How Ghee (the best-clarified butter) can Help You with Weight Loss?

How Ghee (the best-clarified butter) can Help You with Weight Loss?

For several years, desi cow ghee has become an important part of Indian cuisine. It has built its reputation time then again with its numerous long-lasting health benefits, and it has made a major comeback as being one of the best natural superfoods on supermarket shelves, and homes cabinets that not only allows you to remain in the pink of your health, and moreover helps in the most challenging challenge of weight loss. What if we informed you that not only is the ghee the

best-clarified butter you have decided to ditch and have many dietary health advantages, it can also help people lose weight. Yeah, you heard that correctly; for those extra kilos, ghee is not the culprit, but it does help you get rid of the excess weight.


Nutrition benefits for weight loss

Regrettably, dieters rely on the fat content of ghee rather than the structure. Ghee is filled with essential amino acids that make the fat mobilize and allow the size of the fat cells to shrink. Ghee, the most quality clarified butter is high in both the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids DHA and conjugated linolenic acid (CLA). Omega-6 fatty acids have been shown in research to help in losing weight and management by increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass. Omega-3s, on the other hand, can aid in weight loss and fat loss.


Ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, so it not only promotes weight loss but also protects against cancer when eaten regularly. This fatty acid available in the best-clarified butter plays a crucial role in raising lean body mass along with reducing body fat, thus helping to control weight effectively.


Digestion Enhances

A list of health advantages comes with desi cow ghee, and one of them is strong digestion. In the body, it serves as a lubricant and stimulates food digestion. It reduces inflammation and reduces you from having cancer if it is ingested daily.


Rich in Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Ghee is a powerful ingredient since it is high in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Vitamins A and E are antioxidants, while vitamin K prevents blood clots from developing, and vitamin D is important for bone health.

You can take the help of the best-clarified butter, i.e., ghee, to lose weight faster.


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Is clarified butter healthier than regular butter?

Is clarified butter healthier than regular butter?

Is clarified butter healthier than regular butter? 

Have you ever fumbled over this dietary dilemma? Actually, both these products are milk made butter, and they are classified as dairy products. But if we analyze clarified butter and regular butter, we will find some significant differences between them, and accordingly, we can compute to find the healthier option between the two.

Regular butter is called traditional butter, and it can be both salted and unsalted types. Clarified butter is the simplified form of regular butter, and it is popularly known as ghee.

Before we conclude about the healthier option between clarified butter and regular butter, let’s take a look first at what regular butter contains or the nutritional profile of traditional /regular butter.

Butter vs. clarified butter: fat profile

Butter contains healthy saturated fats and some parts of milk proteins. It contains lactose, Casein, Trans-fat, and some fat-soluble vitamins. In butter, apart from saturated fats, we will get some monounsaturated polyunsaturated fats. Precisely, butter is one of the highest resources of dairy Trans-fat.

In 1 teaspoon/14 grams of grass-fed butter contains almost 81% (11 grams) of fats, and the rest of the part contains vitamins and almost 16% of water.

The list of fat content in 14 grams of butter is

  • Saturated: 7.29 grams
  • Monounsaturated: 2.99 grams
  • Polyunsaturated: 0.43 grams
  • Trans: 0.47 grams

14 grams of butter offers 100 calories.

In the same amount of ghee clarified butter the fat content is

  • Saturated fat: 8 grams
  • Monosaturated fats: 4 grams
  • Polyunsaturated fats: 0.5 grams
  • Trans fat: nil

In terms of fat content in ghee and regular butter clarified butter contains more healthy saturated fats; hence, offers better support of saturated fat.

Butter contains trans-fat, which is not that heath friendly, but ghee does not contain trans-fat, and it is a definite advantage over regular butter.

Clarified butter vs. regular butter: vitamins content

If you wonder about is clarified butter healthier than regular butter, vitamins, and minerals in butter and clarified butter is a little different.

In butter, you will get vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K2. As clarified butter is produced from regular butter, the same vitamins and minerals are available in clarified butter.

Clarified butter vs. regular butter: dairy allergy

However, via the ghee making process, milk solids of butter like lactose and casein get removed, and that is why clarified butter is lactose and casein-free product. This is definitely an advantage of clarified butter over regular butter. While lactose intolerants may have some allergies over butter consumption, clarified butter is free of the risk of dairy sensitivity.

Although both the dairy products are fat-based, clarified butter contains slightly more fat than regular butter of the same quantity. 

Clarified butter vs. regular butter: is clarified butter healthier than regular butter?

 Both Clarified butter and regular butter belong to the dairy category and contain loads of saturated fats. But there are some differences in terms of the quantity of the health-friendly fatty acids.

Clarified butter contains more butyric acid than regular butter: as a result, clarified butter is a better laxative that offers efficient colon care than regular butter’s butyrate support.  

Both the types of butter contain (CLA) Conjugated linoleic acid but clarified butter contains this Medium chin fatty acid more in quantity than the same amount of regular butter. That is why ghee clarified butter can work better in weight loss support programs with dietary support.

Both ghee and butter are Keto and Paleo-friendly, but in terms of fat content and lactose and casein-free content, Ghee is gaining popularity in Keto followers.

Ghee and butter contain nearly 100% fat, but ghee may be a better choice between the two products especially for people with lactose or casein sensitivities or dairy allergies.

Is clarified butter healthier than regular butter: culinary choices?

Both ghee and butter contain healthy fatty acids, and that makes them perfectly suitable for withstanding higher temperatures while cooking. 

But there is a fine line of difference between the tolerance power of ghee and butter.

Grass-fed Ghee clarified butter offers 485 degrees Fahrenheit smoking point, while grass-fed butter offers 302 degrees Fahrenheit smoking point. Therefore clarified butter acts as a safer cooking fat for cooking.

Ghee is versatile cooking oil but butter is widely used in making sweet dishes. The versatility of ghee over regular butter is a definite advantage for its culinary use.

In terms of storage friendliness, ghee clarified butter is a better choice. You can store grass-fed ghee for 12-18 months in the kitchen without refrigeration support. You cannot get the same advantage with butter in terms of storage.

Ghee clarified butter is a healthy and tasty seasoning for salads, butter may not be suitable for all because of its lactose and casein content.  

Although both the products belong to the category of dairy fat, both the products are cooking fat/oil, clarified butter has some specific benefits over the use of regular butter.

In all butter recipes, it is healthy and safe to replace butter with ghee. But the replacement of ghee with butter is not a wise decision because of 
  • Lactose and casein content of butter.
  • Its lower smoke point
  • Storage friendliness and versatile adaptability of clarified butter.

Although ghee clarified butter offers some health advantages over the use of butter, only pure and unadulterated quality of clarified butter can offer its consumers all the advantages narrated here. If there is a question like is clarified butter healthier than regular butter, the answer will be definitely in favor of the clarified butter, but only premium grass-fed organic clarified can offer all these wholesome ghee-benefits.

However, you cannot tag butter or clarified butter in terms of the healthy dietary option. The suitability of regular butter and clarified butter can be decided on the dietary goals. If you are following a weight loss diet and you are dairy sensitive, ghee clarified butter is a better choice for you.

Summing up:

If you are looking for premium quality grass-des organic ghee, you may count on Milkio grass-fed ghee. Made in New Zealand, Milkio grass-fed ghee is prepared from 100% grass-fed butter, the ghee manufacturer follows the authentic and traditional ghee manufacturing process to maintain the best product quality.

Milkio grass-fed ghee is a natural product and does not contain any synthetic color, flavor, or preservative. The 100% purity of Milkio ghee is certified by the USDA, and the organic claim of this dairy product is endorsed by BioGro, New Zealand. The ghee clarified butter is excellently storage-friendly, and it offers a higher smoking point than grass-fed butter.

Milkio grass-fed organic ghee is a lactose, casein, and gluten-free dairy product. It is Keto and Paleo-friendly cooking oil, which is a healthy condiment for making bulletproof coffee.

Is clarified butter healthier than regular butter? Yes, ghee clarified butter has some advantages, but you have to use both the dairy items in strict moderation.

 Want to know more about Milkio grass-fed ghee clarified butter? Please check milkio.co.nz

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Clarified butter uses: 5 easy and healthy ways to use this dairy staple

Clarified butter uses: 5 easy and healthy ways to use this dairy staple

Clarified butter uses are pretty impressive

It has excellent versatility and heath-friendliness that you can use in multiple ways in the diet to enjoy all the clarified butter benefits. Clarified butter is also known as ghee. Coked from regular butter, it is an upgraded pure form of butter, which food freaks call better butter.

However, moderate quantity and premium quality are the two requisites to get ghee advantages at its best. Before discussing the ghee benefits, let us check what ghee is actually and what is unique about ghee nutrition

What is Ghee?

Ghee is nothing but clarified butter. It is prepared by boiling milk-butter. The slow cooking ghee-making process removes all the moisture content from the butter as well as the milk solids. The final product is pure butterfat, which offers a typical nutty taste, caramelized aroma, and golden yellow color. It contains healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Due to low moisture content, ghee can stay shelf-stable for 12-18 months at room temperature from the date of manufacturing.

Ghee is a staple in traditional Indo-Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Presently it has got acceptance worldwide due to its delicious taste and nutritional benefits. Moreover, ghee contains almost no lactose and casein. Therefore, it is safe for individuals suffering from dairy allergies. It is also Keto and Paleo diet-friendly. 

Ghee Clarified Butter’s daily consumption increases physical and mental stamina. It improves digestion, immunity, concentration, memory power, eyesight, bone health, skin & hair. It helps in binds toxins, natural weight loss, and reduces inflammation, and provides sustained energy. 

What are the Nutritional benefits of ghee clarified butter?

Ghee clarified butter contains:

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid): Helps in immunity enhancement and improved bone mineralization.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Essential Fatty Acids):  They are beneficial to the heart, brain, eye, and other tissue functions.

Butyric acid, an essential short-chain fatty acid: Helps in digestion and contributes to a healthy digestive tract. It helps in releasing constipation. 

Beta-carotene: An antioxidant and precursor for vitamin A, essential for retina function, healthy skin, and infection prevention. 

Fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E, K: they are essential for immunity, skin, and eyes, and calcium metabolism in the human body.

Ways to use ghee clarified butter: 

Ghee is exceptionally versatile, and you can use it in many ways. Mostly you can get the best ghee benefits by adding it to the diet. These are at least 7 healthy ways you can add ghee to your diet.

Ghee for high-temperature cooking: Ghee is widely used in cooking as a better alternative to cooking oils or butter. It has flavor-enhancing properties, high smoke point, long shelf-life, and unique nutritional benefits over many other cooking oils. Moreover, it is suitable for Keto and Paleo-friendly recipes. 

It is ideal for deep-frying, roasting, or high heat cooking because of the high smoke point (482 °F), which is higher than most vegetable oils and butter.

The unique flavor and delicious taste of ghee are some of the most critical factors for its universal acceptance among food lovers. Cooking with ghee or added as a seasoning enhances the overall acceptability of any recipe from multiple cuisines. Some of the Clarified butter uses are based on these ghee features:

  • It works well for both sweet and savory recipes.
  • It is a healthy substitute for butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. 
  • It does not contain lactose or casein, thus suitable for people suffering from dairy allergies.
  • It is ideal for a Keto / ketogenic diet (no carbs diet) and Paleo-friendly diet.

Ghee in breakfast:

 You can use ghee as spread on morning toasts as a lactose-free alternative to butter.

 Also, you can apply spread ghee on crackers, muffins, or other baked goods.

Add ghee to make bullet coffee/smoothies/hot chocolate for a high-energy drink.

Make sweet or savory porridge, omelets, or pancakes with ghee.

Top granola with ghee for a high energy breakfast

Ghee in seasoning:

Seasoning with ghee enhances the flavor and taste of food. 

Drizzle ghee over steamed or roasted veggies or rice

Season mashed potatoes/ cauliflower/carrots etc., with ghee to bring extra flavor and creaminess to your dish.

Ghee in baking:

We can use ghee to make bakery items instead of butter. Ghee has a much nuttier flavor than butter, thus creates intense buttery flavor in baked items.

Use ghee to make the cake, cookies, pancakes, muffins, etc.

Use ghee to make crispy baked items.

Can use ghee in making frosting instead of butter

Use ghee to make fudge.

Ghee in Ayurvedic treatments and to live a healthy life:

According to Ayurveda, moderate consumption of pure cow ghee with an everyday diet is health-friendly and imparts several benefits, and one of the major Clarified butter uses.

Ghee is a natural laxative. Regular consumption of ghee works as a natural medicine for constipation.

Ghee is used for natural detoxification of the body (Panchakarma) in Ayurvedic treatment. It saturates body tissues and forces out fat-soluble internal toxins into the intestine for removal from the body. 

Ghee performs as a natural cleanser of the body. Take one teaspoon with lukewarm water at night/ bedtime or have the same mix in the morning on an empty stomach. It keeps the digestive system clean and reduces unusual inflammation of the body. This results in a slim and well-toned body.

Ghee is a filler food. Add ghee with morning tea or coffee for high energy and keeps hunger pang away for longer than usual.

The combo of ghee and cow milk is one of the best ayurvedic medicines that help retain physical vigor, improves virility in men, and increases fertility in women.

Ghee clarified butter is identified as a wholesome medicine. It is prescribed for pregnant women in their diet to avoid the fetus’s risk of malnutrition, which is one of the ayurvedic Clarified butter uses.

Ghee in eye, skin, and hair care:

Ghee is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, and these are A, D, E, and K. The external application of ghee helps to shine skin and hair. It is one of the therapeutic Clarified butter uses.

Regular ghee massage offers anti-aging treatment of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

At night, massaging eyes with ghee gives relief from a dry eye condition and dark circles. It also helps in strengthening the optical muscle.

Summing up:

Clarified butter uses include,

Good Quality Ghee is a healthy choice over cooking oils and butter.

Use for high-temperature cooking processes.

Use to enhance the taste of any recipe from world cuisines. 

Use as butter, coconut oil, and olive oil substitute.

Ghee Clarified butter uses will bring you the best benefits if you can use the best quality grass-fed ghee. For instance, you may use Milkio Grass-fed ghee. Milkio Foods is the manufacturer of this Grass-fed ghee or organic ghee range. Milkio ghee is prepared from 100% grass-fed/ Organic butter.

It has no added artificial color, flavors, or preservatives. Milkio organic grass-fed ghee is certified “Non-GMO & Organic (USDA Organic) by BioGro NZ Ltd, New Zealand. It is a natural product and does not contain lactose, casein, gluten, and sugar. The USDA endorses its purity. To know more about Clarified butter uses and recipes, check here. milkio.co.nz

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How to make clarified butter from salted butter? – know it all

How to make clarified butter from salted butter? – know it all

How to make clarified butter with salted butter? I mean, seriously, salted butter is the worst choice for making clarified butter.

Perhaps, nobody makes clarified butter with Salted butter. No, It is possible to make clarified butter with salted butter, but it’s not at all recommended. So, why can you not make clarified butter from salted butter?


Why is clarified butter not made using salted butter?

The answer to this question lies in the process of making clarified butter. Clarified butter is made by evaporating the moisture and separating the milk solids from ordinary butter. If we use salted butter to clarify butter due to water evaporation, the salt gets concentrated in the clarified butter.

Due to this, salted butter is not desirable to use while making clarified butter. As salt is not suitable for health, it will spoil the nutty taste of clarified butter and reduce its health benefits. For instance, high amounts of salt will destroy your meals’ flavor will add to your sodium intakes unexpectedly and adversely affect your health. So if you know how to make clarified butter with salted butter, seriously, don’t follow it.


Benefits of using unsalted butter over salted butter for making clarified butter

So know you very well know that salted butter will not do any good to you. Now the only option left is unsalted butter. Why should you use unsalted butter to make clarified butter? The answer to this question is obvious and crystal clear. Let’s see the points which make unsalted butter the best choice for making clarified butter.

  1. Unsalted butter maintains the natural nutty flavor of clarified butter. It also ensures that clarified butter does not spoil the taste of your meals by adding an extra amount of unnecessary salt to it. This is the main reason why any questions like how to make clarified butter with salted butter !!! Kudos to unsalted butter.
  2. Unsalted butter balances a nutritional balance between all the fats and salts. In short, it is a perfect combo of good fats and healthy nutrients.

So, now the game between unsalted butter vs. Salted butter is over. Unsalted butter is the winner while making clarified butter.

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Tips to learn the benefits and use of grass fed butter for weight loss

Tips to learn the benefits and use of grass fed butter for weight loss

Grass-fed milk products have developed attention on the grounds of their potential nutritional value and animal rights issues. It derives from cow milk that consumes a high-grass diet. The diet of a cow determines the nutritional content of its milk. It is excellent to use grass fed butter for weight loss and other health benefits.

Although cows generally eat grass, it is more budget adequate for farmworkers to feed their cows with grain or maize. The food that cows eat impacts the nutritional value of their milk. Some studies suggest that cows who eat more grass produce enough milk with an improved dietary profile and more beneficial than regular milk.

grass fed butter for weight loss


Here are some of the possible benefits of grass fed butter for weight loss-

  • Grass-fed butter has less fat content than regular butter. Cows that consume more grass provide more milk but no extra fat, which indicates that the fat content in milk was lower. This kind of milk also produces healthier fats. The more grass a cow consumes, the more unsaturated fatty acids their milk absorbs in the place of saturated fats, which impacts the dairy products made with it.


  • It can improve your digestion which is directly incorporated with faster weight loss. Studies say that eating grass fed clarified butter for weight loss will fuel the “good bacteria” that reside in your intestines. It also helps alleviate abdominal inflammation, which may cause signs such as stomach problems, bloating, or abnormal bowel movements.


  • Grass fed ghee or butter is a source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a healthy fatty acid that may help support fat loss. Studies suggest that CLA also has beneficial effects on heart disease, cancer, systemic inflammation, and reduced immune system.


  • People following a ‘Ketogenic diet plan‘ often add grass-fed butter to their coffee and substitute breakfast or energy and focus between meals. Some people say that this butter coffee drink helps keep them fuller for longer due to the high-fat content and weight loss. It is an excellent idea to use grass fed butter for weight loss.


Grass-fed butter includes a significant percentage of unsaturated fats than regular butter that might make it a healthier option. Consuming lots of butter, grass-fed, or any other type may also lead to weight gain, mainly if a person associates it with refined carbohydrates and sugars.

People who consume butter should maintain their diets wisely to use grass fed butter for weight loss.

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What is clarified butter called, what are its benefits.

What is clarified butter called, what are its benefits.

Do not worry about What is clarified butter called? By the way, it is famous by the name of ghee.

It’s prepared by separating milk solids and water from ordinary butter. It is super easy to prepare at home. However, the health benefits of clarified butter prepared at home are limited. So it is always desirable to buy organic ghee made from 100% green grass-fed cow milk. Why should you even try ghee? Here are some significant reasons.

  1. Ghee is recommended by doctors to dairy-sensitive people. Yes, ghee doesn’t contain allergy-causing lactose and casein. That is why it is 99% safer than other dairy products to lactose – casein intolerant people.


  1. Clarified butter or ghee has a high smoke/burning point. Ghee has a higher smoke point than butter. Which makes it a better alternative for cooking meals requiring elevated temperatures.


  1. Clarified butter has a profuse and nutty taste. It enhances the taste of your snacks, salads, and meals. Clarified butter vs. ghee tastes far better than butter itself. Just use it for cooking, baking, and frying.


  1. Still confused about What is clarified butter called? It’s is a golden liquid filled with the goodness of good fats and Nutrients. It consists of essential amino acids, vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K.


  1. You can even use ghee in your ketogenic diet. Use it as an add-on for your bulletproof coffee or another keto-friendly meal as ghee is stuffed with good fats. When added with bulletproof coffee, ghee helps supply good fats to the Body and increases concentration.


So, now forget about What is clarified butter called?. Just head on and indulge yourself in the profuse taste of ghee/clarified butter. As it’s worth a try. Talking about clarified butter vs. ordinary butterexplained butter wins. The reason is apparent; clarified butter has more significant health benefits than ordinary butter. Plus, it is a good option for swapping your regular kitchen oils with it. Ghee serves as a staple in Indian dishes and has a long history in Ayurveda medicine. Last but not least, ghee deserves a stroke in your kitchen and meals.

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