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Cultured ghee vs. ghee: the special benefits you cannot overlook

Cultured ghee vs. ghee: the special benefits you cannot overlook

Cultured ghee vs. ghee is an interesting product comparison if you are a health freak, and you are fond of using ghee in your diet.

Modern dieticians are widely recommending ghee in the diet because this wholesome dairy product is a nutritious food item that can wonderfully enhance the taste of a dish as well as it offers lots of health benefits.

If ghee itself is nutritious, then what is the relation of cultured ghee with common ghee?

Let’s explore the difference and similarity of cultured ghee with normal ghee by studying cultured ghee vs. ghee comparison.

What is ghee?

Ghee is the milky fat and it gets cooked from pure milk. For example, if we are talking about cow ghee, it is the milk fat of pure cow milk, and it is also known as clarified butter, brown butter, etc. Ghee is cooked from dairy butter, which is made from cow milk. Different types of ghee are prepared: cultured ghee is one of the popular ghee varieties, the world is quite enthusiastic about.

But what makes people excited about cultured ghee?

What is cultured ghee and why it is unique?

As implied by the name, cultured ghee is cooked from cultured butter. In regular ghee, dairy butter is used as the raw ingredient, but in the cultured ghee making process, manufacturers use cultured butter.
Cultured ghee contains lactic acid instead of lactose of milk. Lactic acid is the X-factor of this ghee clarified butter that sets a huge difference for the users of cultured ghee.

The presence of lactic acid in cultured ghee is a boon for dairy sensitive consumers. Lactic acid prevents food sensitivity, which is mostly caused by the presence of lactose in this dairy staple.

Cultured ghee is rich in butyrate and that is why offers excellent therapeutic benefits for people suffering from constipation or irregular bowel movement, etc. Although there is no live culture in the dairy, it works as healthy as a probiotic.

Cultured ghee vs. ghee: is there any difference?

Although both the products are ghee clarified butter, there is a line of difference between these two milk-made products. The raw materials are different, for example, clarified butter is made from dairy butter, but cultured ghee is made of cultured butter.

Normal or non-cultured ghee may have a high/mild aroma, but cultured ghee is always a high aroma product because of the impacts of fermentation. Other than the aroma, both the variety differs in taste too.

Non-cultured ghee is bland in taste and that is why it works as a first-class taste enhancer. Cultured ghee offers an intense buttery taste because of the fermentation process included in its manufacturing.

Both non-cultured and cultured ghee has long shelf-life, however, cultured ghee has a longer shelf life. You can store cultured ghee in the kitchen for a long without refrigeration support.

Concerning cultured ghee vs. ghee, the main difference lies in the ingredients. Cultured ghee is a zero lactose product, as it contains lactic acid only. If you are severely lactose intolerant, and you suffer from food sensitivity then cultured ghee is a better and safer option for you. The lactic acid of cultured ghee is a great savior for the food sensitivity problem.

The benefits of cultured ghee in the diet

  1. It is gut-friendly: Cultured ghee contains butyrate, and that makes it a gut-friendly food item. Add ghee in your diet, and you will find a solution from problems like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
  2. It is helpful for natural weight loss: Cultured ghee contains health-friendly butyrate and Conjugated linoleic acid. Because of its large saturated fat content, ghee in the diet works as a filler food. As a cooking oil, it can control hunger pang and can restrict calorie intake. If you couple an active lifestyle with the ghee diet, it can help you in natural weight loss. However, you have to use ghee in moderation.
  3. Ghee is good for brain health: Cultured ghee is nutritious for brain health. A restricted amount of ghee in the diet helps in maintaining brain health. According to Indian Ayurveda, ghee in the diet helps in improving memory boost, prevents the risk of memory disorder diseases, etc.
    Ghee in the diet can help students with improved concentration as well as offers supports seniors in memory retention.
  4. It helps in smooth digestion: Cultured ghee is a digestion-friendly dairy. If you add it in the diet, it accelerates digestion and reduces the problem of high acidity, bloating, etc. The lactic acid in ghee helps in keeping the digestive system better functioning, and that proves supportive for maintaining good metabolism of the body.
  5. Ghee in diet takes care of better eyesight: Ghee helps maintain good eyesight. It contains Vitamin A, and that is a known supplement for eye care by aiding eye vision.
  6. Maintain the natural hydration level of the body: Pure cow ghee is a good quality natural moisturizer, and it helps in maintaining the hydration level of the body. It keeps the skin soft and internal tissues of the body soft and flexible.
  7. Maintains bone health: Pure cow ghee contains some amount of vitamin K that helps in the absorption of calcium from other foods in the body and aids in strengthening bones. A moderate quantity of ghee in the diet is good for maintaining resilient bones.

If we compare cultured ghee vs. ghee, obviously cultured ghee is a better choice for lactose intolerants. It is more colon friendly and digestion-friendly. But people who are not dairy sensitive, organic grass-fed ghee is an excellent dietary choice for them.

If you are planning to add top-quality cultured ghee in your diet, you may count on Milkio 100% pure and grass-fed organic cultured ghee. The product is manufactured in New Zealand under a USFDA approved facility. Milkio cultured ghee is non-GMO and organic –certified by BioGro, NZ as well as and the USDA has endorsed the product for its 100% purity.

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Cultured butter ghee

Cultured butter ghee

Cultured butter ghee: the healthy delight in calorie control diet

Cultured butter ghee is rightly said the friendly and safe ghee. Just look at its name, and the product name will speak of its unique nature itself. Being a dairy product with all the ghee benefits it is just friendly for dairy sensitive people. Although it is a milk product, butter ghee is highly shelf-stable. Buy it in bulk, and you can keep it in your kitchen without refrigeration support.

What makes cultured butter ghee unique?

Cultured ghee is unique for its manufacturing intricacy. Unlike regular cow ghee, cultured ghee is produced from cultured butter. Rather, cultured butter is the raw ingredient of cultured ghee, and cultured butter contains lactic acid instead of the lactose of milk. Because of the lactic acid content of cultured ghee, it works soothing on the stomach, and it is completely risk-free for lactose intolerants because the ghee contains zero lactose hence free of the allergy risk.

If you are not dairy sensitive, you may not have much to decide between regular ghee and cultured ghee. But if you are lactose intolerant, the courted ghee butter is the best option for you as it is a completely lactose-free product, and the lactic acid in cultured ghee butter helps in smooth digestion than usual non-cultured ghee.

How does ghee help in calorie control?

Ghee clarified butter is calorie-rich food, and that is why it is a common question that being a high-calorie food staple, how it helps in calorie control. Ghee helps in two ways in calorie management.

  • It works as a filler food, and because of high-calorie ghee in the diet controls hunger pang.
  • Ghee because of high calorie, supplies energy and that helps in maintaining an active lifestyle, and that is supportive for easy calorie burning.

Moderate ghee in the diet and use of quality-assured pure grass-fed organic quality butter can offer you both the ghee benefits in calorie intake.

Cultured butter ghee is one of the safest options in a regular ghee diet.

How cultured organic ghee helps in weight loss?

Ghee for weight loss is a natural process and the saturated fat content is the real trigger behind this ghee benefit. Ghee saturated fats consist of different healthy fatty acids like omega 3, and 6, Conjugated linoleic acid, Butyric acids, etc. These ingredients render their role in effective weight loss management.

  • Omega 3 fatty acid prevents the risk of fatty liver to a certain extent.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids help in lowering LDL cholesterol and improving HDL cholesterol.
  • Conjugated Linoleic acid reduces inflammation, works as a supplement for natural weight loss, and its support to retail lean muscle mass, etc.
  • Butyric acid helps in healthy gut management and provides support for implementing stool consistency.

Cultured grass-fed ghee in the diet will help you in getting natural and dietary support for weight loss from the body. However, moderation in use and an active lifestyle are the prerequisites for enjoying ghee weight loss benefits. It is a proven fact now that you can achieve weight loss benefits by substituting carbohydrates from diet replenishing it by good fats. If you have decided to follow Keto or Paleo diet for weight loss benefits, you can include ghee in your diet as a reliable source of good fats.

How to use cultured grass-fed ghee butter in cooking?

  • Cultured ghee butter is used in the diet as a safe cooking oil. As ghee offers a higher smoking point, it is a safe one for high temperature cooking like baking, sautéing, slow-cooking, deep-frying, etc.
  • Besides using it as an oil, you can use cultured ghee as a healthy butter substitute. As cultured ghee does not contain lactose of milk, there is no risk of food allergy for lactose intolerants, which is a definite advantage of cooking with ghee or using ghee in the diet as a butter alternative.
  • In making Keto coffee or preparing tasty morning toast, you can use cultured ghee butter. Its high aroma improves the palate of the food, which is a benefit of using this dairy staple.
  • Pure grass-fed cow ghee is a proven taste enhancer. You can use in both sweet and non-sweet dishes and the creamy texture f ghee and its nutty aroma improves the taste of the cooked good favorably. You can also use ghee for the seasoning of salad.
  • Cultured ghee is recommended for its therapeutic uses.

Cultured ghee butter is a shelf-friendly dairy product and you can keep it stored in your kitchen for twelve months from the date of the manufacturing of the product.

It is a natural product and offers plenty of health benefits for boosting the health and well being of ghee users. However, only 100% pure and cultured ghee can offer you all the premium ghee benefits.

Are you looking for the best quality cultured ghee butter?

You can go for Milkio Food produced Milkio Cultured grass-fed organic ghee. Prepared in New Zealand, Milkio Ghee is 100 pure and endorsed by USDA for its purity. It is organic and non-GMO certified by BioGro New Zealand.

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Cultured butter
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Organic cultured ghee

Organic cultured ghee

Organic cultured ghee is a kitchen staple, which is versatile in its use, healthy in terms of food benefits, and shelf-friendly for stress-free storage. It is prepared from pure cow milk but unlike regular cow ghee, cultured cow ghee is cooked from cultured butter.

What makes cultured ghee unique?

In one word, it is the intermediary fermentation process, which takes place at the time of making cultured butter from pure cow milk. During fermentation, the lactose in cow milk gets completely converted into lactic acid and the ghee becomes a zero-lactose and high-aroma dairy product.

The lactic acid in cultured ghee helps in boosting the digestive power of this dairy product. Food sensitive people can add organic cultured ghee in their diet as it is 100% lactose-free. There is no chance of lactose allergy here because the lactose in milk gets chemically converted to lactic acid.

The significance of organic ghee

When you will use organic ghee, you can be sure that the milk for the organic ghee is collected with extra effort for quality assurance. Cow milk for organic cow ghee is collected from organic firms only, where dairy cows are treated and nourished without any hormone-based medicines or with any antibiotics. In organic dairy farms, cows are never kept confined or maintained in captivity as they can roam on the green pasture as much they want. These stress-free cows offer better quality milk than the cows in conventional dairy firms kept under captivity.

Cultured butter, prepared from organic cow milk, is more nutritious for the obvious reason. It is free from antibiotics and hormonal medicine residues. As cows in organic dairy are strictly grass-fed, and the grass gets collected from the pasture where in the last three years no chemical fertilizer was used, the purity gets maintained in all levels. Organic grass-fed milk contains more beta carotene than grain-fed cow milk, the quantity of CLA is found greater than conventional milk quality. As a consequence, organic ghee contains more beta carotene and CLA. Good quality organic cultured ghee is 100% pure, NON-GMO certified, organic certified, and shelf friendly, high-aroma dairy product.

Organic cultured ghee is versatile in its use

You can use organic ghee in multiple ways in your kitchen. For example, you can use ghee as cooking oil, you can use organic cultured ghee as a butter substitute, and you can use cultured ghee as a therapeutic medicine for natural remedies.

Cultured Organic ghee offers high smoke point and that makes it a safe oil. You can cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with ghee. You can use cultured ghee for high temperature cooking like baking, sautéing, deep-frying, etc.

Organic cultured ghee is a wonderful and healthy butter alternative. You can use ghee as a spread instead of butter.

Cultured Ghee contains lactic acid, and zero lactose, which makes cultured ghee perfectly suitable for lactose intolerants.

Cultured ghee benefits

Cultured ghee helps in easing constipation. It contains butyric acid, and butyrate is a natural supplement for natural gut care. Cultured ghee in the diet will help to ease the irritation of constipation. People suffering from an irregular bowel movement, irritable bowel syndrome will get relief with a moderate ghee diet.

Improves bone health

Ghee in the diet is good for bone health. Cultured ghee contains K2, which helps in the natural absorption of calcium in the body, and it helps in strengthening bone and flexibility of bone joints.

Promotes brain health

Cultured organic ghee is beneficial for brain health. Ghee in the diet promotes boosts concentration power, prevents memory disorder, and reduces the risk of dementia in aged people.

Helps in weight loss

Ghee is a high-calorie dairy that contains loads of saturated fats. When ghee is added to the diet, it works as a filler food and often reduces hunger pang. Thus by reducing calorie intake, ghee helps in weight loss for the people following a certain weight-loss diet plan.

Boosts immunity level of body

Cultured organic ghee contains several nutrients, beneficial vitamins, and antioxidants. All these nutrients are the reasons behind the potential of cultured ghee as a natural but an all-rounder immunity booster.

Offers anti-aging effect for skin

Cultured Organic ghee is favorable for skin and hair health for its users. Ghee in the diet helps in maintaining ageless skin and flawless hair. According to Indian Ayurveda, use of cultured ghee in cooking is a natural way to delay the formation of fine line and wrinkles on the skin.

Works as a detox agent for health system

Cultured grass-fed ghee, when added to the diet, works as a detox agent for the entire health system. It helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and in rejuvenating a vibrant system for better wellbeing.

Ghee is a storage-friendly cooking oil

Cultured ghee is a storage-friendly cooking oil that you can store in your kitchen without the support of refrigeration. You can buy this organic dairy product in bulk quality and you can enjoy all the ghee benefits seamlessly.

For the best quality organic cultured ghee, you can trust Milkio Cultured ghee. The ghee clarified butter is manufactured in New Zealand using 100% organic cultured butter. It is a natural product without any chemical color, flavor, and preservative.

Milkio organic cultured ghee is USDA certified for its 100% purity and it is organic non-GMO certified by BioGro, New Zealand. Milkio organic cultured ghee is available for both online purchases and regular purchases.

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Cultured Grass fed ghee

Cultured Grass fed ghee

Cultured Grass fed ghee: power up your daily diet

Cultured Grass-fed ghee is slightly different than usual grass fed ghee, as the manufacturing process is slightly different. Generally, ghee is prepared from milk butter. But instead of milk butter, cultured ghee is prepared from cultured butter, and the initial raw ingredient introduces some specific benefits in the account of cultured ghee. Cultured ghee contains all the premium ghee benefits, but it has some added qualities too for its users.

Regular grass-fed ghee vs. cultured grass-fed ghee

Both regular grass-fed ghee and cultured grass-fed ghee is produced from pure grass-fed cow milk. These grass-fed cows graze on the green pasture and are fed on grass and grass-based fodder. As a result, grass-fed cow ghee contains more Conjugated linoleic acid than non-grass-fed cow ghee and some more nutrients than grain-fed cow ghee. In the manufacturing of cultured ghee, instead of normal dairy butter, cultured butter is used for churning cream out it.

cultured ghee

The fermentation process works uniquely for the making and processing of cultured ghee. In this process, the lactose in cow milk gets converted into lactic acid and that completely eliminates the presence of lactose in cultured ghee. Ghee does not contain any live culture but as cultured ghee contains lactic acid, it offers a soothing effect on the digestive system if it is added to the diet.

People who are not dairy sensitive, may not find any additional advantage by adding cultured grass-fed ghee in the diet, but people with food sensitivity and lactose intolerance, will find cultured grass-fed ghee clarified butter a better option for their digestion support.

Colon clearing effect by cultured grass-fed ghee

Cultured grass-fed ghee is rich in butyrate as it contains butyric acid. The presence of butyrate in the diet works as a gut cleanser. Cultured ghee in the diet is a natural remedy to keep your colon clean and healthy. Are you suffering from irregular bowel movement? Add grass-fed ghee in your diet and you will feel relaxed in a natural course. Butyric acid in ghee stands responsible for ghee’s natural laxative quality and detox support for human body.  

Cultured ghee as a fat burner

Gone are those days, when ghee was a taboo in a slimming diet! It applies especially to the people pursuing the weight loss diet programs. Presently, the new role of ghee in weight loss is quite contrary to the old concept. Ghee has shown a massive come back as a proven natural food with the power of natural weight loss and celebrity dieticians are endorsing ghee for staying slim, fit, and naturally curvy. The saturated fats in cultured ghee works fantastically as a filler food and these good fats can stop hunger pang and reduce calorie intake.

Cultured ghee is an immunity booster

Grass-fed cultured ghee is a nutritious dairy food and it contains some fat-soluble heart friendly vitamins, along with beneficial fatty acids like omega 3, and 6 fatty acid, conjugated linoleic acid, and friendly ingredients that helps in boosting immunity. Other than gut management, butyric acid in ghee reduces inflammation of the body and that again helps in maintaining a stable stomach too. Ghee in the diet is an easy way to boost your immunity and stay protected from general diseases.

Cultured ghee is good for bone health

Grass-fed cow ghee contains K2 and it helps in the absorption of calcium from food. Also, K2 can extract calcium from arteries and guard bones with the extracted calcium. Cultured grass-fed ghee is good for bone health and it offers flexibility for bone joints.

Furthermore, ghee in the diet help in maintaining eyesight and brain health. A moderate quantity of ghee in the diet helps in preventing memory disorder, improves concentration, etc. It is a natural detoxifier that extracts toxins from our body, strengthens our digestive system, and keeps the health system protected from outside contamination.

The high smoke point of ghee is a definite benefit

Grass-fed cultured ghee offers a higher smoking point, and it anytime higher than other common cooking oils. Ghee remains stable against high-temperature cooking like deep-frying, baking, sautéing, etc.

Unstable cooking oil can introduce free radicals in the body, whereas ghee prevents free radical formation and reduces the risk of cancerous disease in the body to a large extent. Cultured grass-fed ghee is a safer cooking oil than any other cooking oil available in the market.

Cultured Ghee is shelf-stable

Pure grass-fed ghee is shelf-stable. If you use cultured grass-fed ghee, you will get to store it in your kitchen at least for 12 months from the date of manufacturing and you don’t need to have refrigeration support for your ghee storage. You can safely buy cultured ghee in bulk quantity.

Cultured grass-fed ghee by Milkio Foods is the USDA certified 100% pure dairy product.

Milkio Manufactures the ghee clarified butter from 100% grass-fed cow milk in New Zealand. It is free of color, flavor, and all types of chemical preservative. Milkio cultured grass-fed ghee is available for online purchase as well as in retail shops worldwide.

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Desi ghee: the dairy tonic grandma used to add in every dishes

Desi ghee: the dairy tonic grandma used to add in every dishes

Desi ghee is an age-old dairy delicacy in grandma’s kitchen, which was used for making delectable dishes.

You must have heard her dictum that desi ghee is an elixir and will help you to stay hale and hearty.
But have you thought ever that how this dairy product is good for your health?

Here desi ghee is not the white vegetable oil or the Vanaspati Ghee. By desi ghee, we are talking about the pure cow ghee produced in the traditional (desi method) process using the purest raw ingredients.

But have you ever thought what ghee is actually?

What is desi ghee?

Desi ghee is a pure dairy item and also known as clarified butter, brown butter, anhydrous fat, etc. It contains loads of saturated fats and multiple nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It is called Desi ghee because the process of authentic making is stressed here. Desi process means unadulterated ghee clarified butter that is wholesome in its quality and 100% pure by its raw ingredients.

Ghee production via traditional method is a slow cooking process in which milk butter is boiled until the butter becomes clarified and the milky part of the butter gets evaporated with water. Desi ghee is free of lactose and casein and that makes it safe for the consumption of lactose-intolerant people.

Desi ghee is used for pure ghee, and this pure ghee is cooked from 100% grass-fed cow milk. According to dairy research, grass-fed cow milk is more nutritious than a grain-fed cow link. In comparison to conventional grain-fed cows, grass-fed cows produce milk which contains at least five times more Conjugated Linoleic acid and Omega fatty acids 3 and 6. As a result, ghee clarified butter made of grass-fed cow milk is more nutritious and wholesome than non-grass-fed cow milk.

Cooking with ghee: how it is beneficial?

Let’s come to the point why grandma always preferred ghee in cooking. According to Ayurveda, desi ghee offers plenty of health benefits. Some of them are:

  • This dairy staple helps in faster digestion. Ghee diet is perfect for people suffering from acidity and flatulence.
  • Pure cow ghee is supporting for boosting memory power. Ayurvedic treatment supports the ghee diet for students as it may come helpful for improved concentration levels, memory power, and better immunity level.
  • Ghee in cooking is a beauty therapy: regular ghee diet keeps natural care for skin and hair health.
  • Desi ghee is laxative in nature. If you are suffering from an irregular bowel movement, you may try ghee diet.
  • However, what grandma may not have mentioned in her course of love and pampering that moderation is the prerequisite for enjoying ghee in diet.

Desi ghee for staying fit and fine: is it true?

Sedentary lifestyle, stress, and irregular food habit are the three triggers of obesity, hypertension, and cardiac diseases of thousands of netizens worldwide. But in grandma’s age, these three diseases were not that common.

Cooking with ghee was quite common at that time as ghee was recommended as a nutritious cooking oil and a safe oil too. Ghee offers a higher smoking point. It is almost 485 degrees Fahrenheit, which is anytime higher than common cooking oils. Against high-temperature cookie, ghee acts stable than any other cooking oil.

Ghee consumption is good for health because it contains loads of saturated fats and these fats help in the absorption of nutrients in other foods. This is one of the reasons, ghee is cooking helps in staying fit.

Did ghee play a critical role in staying fit?

Modern research has revealed some interesting benefits of desi ghee. These benefits may sound a little surprising as they collide our negative impression of adding fat in a regular diet. But the facts are sometimes stranger than fiction.

Ghee in cooking, if coupled with an active lifestyle and balanced diet, can help in lowering the risk of developing cardiac diseases.

Ghee diet helps get faster success in weight loss program: active lifestyle and moderation are the two simple prerequisites.

Contrary to myth, saturated fats in desi ghee clarified butter have no direct relation in boosting cholesterol count in blood, and that is why moderate ghee consumption is not harmful to people with an active life and general health. However, cardiac patients or obese people should consult their doctor before trying ghee diet.

Diet with ghee helps regulate the inflammation of the body.

Loads of butyrate in organic grass-fed ghee is supportive for maintaining a clean gut.

These are some of the benefits of desi ghee. Adding ghee in the diet is an easy way to enjoy all the holistic advantages. Grandmas were not that erudite and skilled in the understanding of the nitty-gritty of diet and nutrition but they were experts in including the holistic advantage of nature in lifestyle, the preference for desi cow ghee is one of the examples of that knowledge.

All the ghee benefits are easy to avail when you are using organic grass-fed ghee. If you are looking for the best quality organic grass-fed cow ghee, try Milkio.

Made in New Zealand by traditional process from 100% grass-fed cow milk butter, Milkio ghee is one of the best products in its category. Milkio Organic cow ghee is AsureQuality and BioGro, NZ certified organic products.

Milkio cow ghee maintains the USDA standard of 100% purity. Now available online for your easy purchase! Milkio organic grass-fed ghee is available in the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China, and New Zealand via the retail network and business associates.


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Ghee nutrition-Six best ways to have it for a healthy life

Ghee nutrition-Six best ways to have it for a healthy life

Ghee nutrition is a well-known fact today and that awareness has raised the use of ghee in our everyday life.

Many scientific researchers have proved the nutritional value of ghee and it is good to know those so that we can use ghee without any prejudice. Before we start, discussing the nutritional facts and know how to use ghee, it is better to understand that as ghee is free from lactose and casein, it is ideal for those who have lactose intolerance.

The nutritional summary of cow ghee

How is ghee good for you?

This question may haunt you after you decide to buy a jar of ghee. If we understand the nutritional profile, then we will readily understand how beneficial it is to have ghee in our daily eating regime.

  • Ghee is high in calories. We can have 112 calories per tablespoon of ghee.
  • The nutritional content of ghee as proved by many scientific researches’ also show that a serving of ghee contains 12.7 grams of fat, negligible amounts of protein, and no carbohydrates, fiber or sugars.
  • If we have a look at the vitamin and mineral content, then we can see that we can have the following
  • Calcium: 1 milligram per tablespoon
  • Vitamin A: 108 micrograms
  • We can also have vitamin D, E and K in a significant amount having ghee.
  • Fats: We can have 8 grams of saturated fat, 4 grams of monounsaturated fat and 0.5 grams of polyunsaturated fat.
  • Cholesterol: In medical studies, it showed that ghee increase HDL cholesterol and this ghee nutrition facts cholesterol make it ideal to have a healthy heart.

The benefits of having ghee

These facts regarding cow ghee nutrition also make us aware that various health benefits are linked with having ghee. The nutritional contents lead to these health benefits:

These are the main ghee benefits ayurveda proclaimed years back and we can have it now also using ghee daily.

The ways to use ghee daily

Ghee nutrition facts cholesterol must have made you think about using it daily in your cooking or food intake. Let us see how you can have ghee daily for a healthy life.

  • Deep Fry

As ghee has a high smoking point of 482 degrees F, it is ideal for deep-frying any food that you desire to have and along it have the ghee nutrition.

  • Toasting spices

It is the best cooking oil to toast spices before you add those to soup, stew, or curry to make it tasty and at the same time have ghee benefits ayurveda proclaimed long back.

Use ghee in place of butter as spread over toast, steamed vegetables or steak. Your food will have more flavor using ghee.

  • Use with coffee

Have a nutty flavor in your morning coffee having ghee with it. You can have all the ghee nutrition while starting your day.

  • Healing of lips

The vitamin content will help you to have soft and moisturized lips.

So, use ghee daily and have all the health benefits associated with the nutrient in it.

What is cow ghee?

Ghee white label

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