The goodness of ghee: a spoonful of health and vitality

The goodness of ghee: a spoonful of health and vitality

Ghee is the super-food of 22nd century” as rightly said by celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar.

Predominantly a dairy product, ghee is produced from milk butter and it contains versatile nutrients that helps you in staying fit and balanced.

Although it is a mere food item, but use of this dairy staple in diet has some amazing health and vitality benefits that are quite unique in manifold aspects.

Ghee in English: the other names of ghee

Once ghee was an Indian, Asian, and Middle East based dairy staple that was used as a kitchen specialty mainly.  In India, Ghee was used in making ayurvedic medicines too, besides its use in culinary delight and is some religious rituals.

Gradually, ghee became a good quality cooking oil. All over the world, this milk butter made dairy product got its fame in different names. In India it was known in the name of Ghritam (Sanskrit), in USA it is known as clarified butter, and the other names of this dairy delicacy are brown butter, anhydrous fats, etc.

Wide variations of ghee are available in market. But cow ghee is counted as one of the most versatile dairy products in this range. In terms of superiority, grass fed cow ghee is the most-in-demand product for a wide varieties of reasons.

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Does ghee need to be refrigerated?

Most of the dairy product are known for their short shelf-life as milk is a perishable product. All milk products are preferred to stock with the support of refrigeration because milk may get spoiled if there is any storage discrepancy.

But ghee is exceptional. You can store ghee for longer time than usual in your kitchen and without the provision of preservation this dairy product will stay intact with you.

That is why ghee is stored in a smart kitchen without the support of refrigeration. It has been tested that grass fed cow ghee can stay 12-18 months in your kitchen without the support of refrigeration.

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Ghee nutritional values

Cow Ghee is a special type of milk fat typically made from cow’s milk. Ghee’s nutrient values are somewhat alike to those of butter, but it is all casein and lactose-free.

According to the USDA Branded Food Products Database, in every 100 grams of ghee, you may find 64% fat, which means it has some quantity of protein and almost no trace of carbohydrates in it. Out of this fat content, ghee contains mainly saturated fat. This amount of ghee also has 2,000 IU of vitamin A (each tablespoon has 300 IU).

Let’s check the nutritional quotients of this dairy product.

Ghee contains healthy amount of good fats, vitamin A, E, K, and D and omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for improving brain and heart health. It also offers loads of energy to body. That is why ghee is highly nutritious and healthy.

According to a 2014-study in the Journal of Food Research and Technology, ghee is rich in short-chain fatty acids and essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and arachidonic acid. Ghee also contains some amounts of trace elements like copper, iron, and carotenoids.

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Ghee for weight loss

Ghee is a modern remedy for natural weight loss if coupled with healthy and active life style and balanced diet. Ghee is diet should be practiced with strict moderation. But do you know how ghee for weight loss works?

  • One of the most significant benefits of ghee is that it contains omega-3, and 6 fatty acid along with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that is helpful in adapting the body’s composition and decrease body fat levels, further resulting in losing weight.
  • According to Ayurveda, intake of warm milk mixed with a teaspoonful of ghee helps in managing constipation that leads to healthy colon. Healthy colon supports in weight loss of body.
  • Research suggests that ghee aids in mobilizing fat cells for generating energy, further assisting in reducing unwanted fat mass and increase lean body mass.
  • Ghee contains essential amino acids that help the fat cells to shrink in size.
  • Furthermore, ghee benefits includes natural prevention from inflammation, which adds in further support in losing weight of body.

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Ghee vs. Butter: which is the better option?

Between the options of butter and ghee, cow ghee is healthier in some aspects.  These are:

  • Ghee has higher smoke point that is why ghee is a safer cooking oil against higher temperature cooking like baking or grilling, etc.
  • Ghee can be stored in kitchen without the support of refrigeration, but butter cannot.
  • Butter does not have longer shelf life but ghee has longer shelf-life. Grass fed cow ghee can be stored 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing.

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Ghee remedy for additional well being

  • Ghee diet helps in faster digestion.
  • Ghee in cooking is good hair and skin health.
  • There are some benefits of drinking milk with ghee at night: it reduces constipation, induces deep sleep, and improved immunity level of body.
  • Ghee in empty stomach helps in detoxification.
  • Ghee diet improves brain power for both kids and adults.

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Ghee disadvantages

Cow Ghee contains 64% saturated fats, and it is high in calorie count.  Moderate ghee in diet will suffice for enjoying all ghee benefits. Restriction is one of the conditions of using ghee in diet.

Active lifestyle coupled with moderation in quantity is the mantra of using ghee in cooking for enjoying all ghee advantages. The risk of overuse is one of the disadvantages of using ghee, which may induce obesity in body.

Only best quality grass fed cow ghee can offer daily dose of health and vitality. Yu can try Milkio grass fed ghee in diet. Made in New Zealand, Milkio grass fed cow ghee is organic certified and all natural.  Milkio Cow ghee is available for online purchase.

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Grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which one is health friendly

Grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which one is health friendly

Grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which one is health friendly

Grass-fed Ghee is produced from cow or buffalo milk: depending on the milk source, ghee can be categorized as cow ghee or buffalo ghee. Both are dairy products and both are consumed as pantry staple.

Now the billion dollar question is if both Buffalo ghee and cow ghee is the same from their nutritional value and both of them offer the same health benefits.  

Minerals and vitamins

Organic grass fed cow ghee is rich in vitamins and minerals but it is easily digestible. Buffalo ghee is rich in minerals and vitamins too but it is difficult to digest.

Whereas Cow ghee is prescribed for growing kids in their diet, buffalo ghee is not prescribed for kids because it is difficult to digest.

Buffalo milk produced ghee is more fat rich than cow ghee, however, cow ghee offers more health benefits and having detoxification effect on body.

Weight loss support

According to latest research, Cow ghee is identified with the virtue of weight loss support because of its content. Those are pursuing obesity management courses, will be benefitted by adding cow ghee in diet. However, for best ghee benefits, you need to use grass fed organic ghee without additive, synthetic flavor, and preservatives. 

Alternatively, Buffalo ghee contains more fat and does not help in weight loss management by any means.  It is used for weight gaining by underweight individuals as well as people suffering from mal nutrition but buffalo ghee remedy is not suitable for kids.

Shelf stable product

Good quality organic grass fed ghee stays up to 12 months after its manufacturing but good quality buffalo ghee is more shelf-stable than cow ghee. But age-old cow ghee offers plenty of health benefits for its therapeutic qualities: but buffalo ghee is not known for such medicinal effect.

Let’s take a comparison between Cow ghee and buffalo ghee:


Organic Cow gheeBuffalo ghee
ColorYellowish white, granular textureWhite, smooth in texture.
Properties-fat contentContains good quality fatsContains more fat than cow ghee
Shelf-stabilityUp to 12 months post manufacturingBuffalo ghee is more shelf stable than cow ghee
Nutrition pointsIt contains antioxidants and Vitamins, some protein and essential minerals.Rich in Calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.
Calorie offeredCalorie rich kitchen stapleRicher in calorie than cow ghee.
 Other health benefitsMore good cholesterol, less fat,Less cholesterol, more fat, more calories
Cholesterol and fatsMore good cholesterol and lesser fatLesser cholesterol and more fat

Diseases can be cured


Improves Bones and Dental Health, Reduces Obesity In Children,  ensure Protection From Thyroid Diseases, And controls Cardiovascular HealthHealthy Bones, Dental Health, Cardiovascular Health, And Weight Gain
Top consumers and producersAll over the world: especially New Zealand and Switzerland.

South Asia (India, Pakistan) and Italy

Cow ghee vs. Buffalo ghee: Which is good for pregnancy diet?

Cow ghee is highly prescribed for a lady who is pregnant. The nutrients in cow ghee helps in improving the immunity level of the consumer. This is one of the reasons cow ghee in diet is prescribed for the carrying lady. Besides improving her health, ghee in diet helps in the development of her to-be-born child.

The advantages of cow ghee in diet:

  • Cow ghee helps in reducing the pre-term labor.
  • Cow ghee is expected to boost the kids’ memory, concentration power.
  • Grass fed cow-ghee helps in brain development of to –be-born baby.

No such therapeutic effect is found for buffalo ghee, and that makes cow ghee superior in its quality. Cow ghee is more used in making medicines, whereas buffalo ghee is not that flavorful like Grass fed cow ghee.

Cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which is good for kids?

In comparison to buffalo milk made ghee, cow ghee is a healthier option especially for kids. It is full of saturated fats, but other nutrients and vitamins are good for kids’ balanced growth and development. 

Cow ghee is easy to digest is taken with food, hence helps kids for faster digestion. It contains butyrate that regularize vowel movement of the kid. 

This is the common properties comparison between organic grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee. However, there are other differences like,

  • There are some other points, which can be referred to understand the healthier option between buffalo and cow ghee. For example,
  • Cow ghee helps in detoxification of digestive system, but no such quality of buffalo ghee is known yet.
  • Grass fed cow ghee is good dry eye syndrome: patients can apply pure cow ghee in eyes before bedtime. No such medicinal benefit of buffalo ghee is known till date.
  • Cow ghee is known for its gut friendly properties, but buffalo ghee has no such quality. It is rich in fat only.
  • As Buffalo ghee is difficult to digest, it is hardly prescribed in pregnancy diet, whereas organic ghee is happily prescribed in pregnancy diet for the nutritional benefit of the carrying mother as well as for the fetus in the mother’s womb.
  • Cow ghee can be used as nose drop to stop sudden nose bleed: Buffalo ghee cannot work as a natural remedy to stop nosebleed.


From all these differences, it can be safely assume that cow ghee is better than buffalo ghee in terms of health benefits provided you use the best quality grass fed organic ghee.

For example, you can use Milkio Grass fed cow ghee and enjoy all grass fed ghee benefits for your health..


What Everyone Should Know about the Benefit of Grass fed ghee?

What Everyone Should Know about the Benefit of Grass fed ghee?

What Everyone Should Know about the Benefit of Grass fed ghee?

Grass fed ghee is the new sensational super food in modern kitchen. Credit goes the enhanced health consciousness of general people and the popularity of social media that ghee has earned huge popularity recently. It is a unique dairy staple that is health friendly, food friendly, and beauty enhancer.

Wide varieties of ghee is available in market. But according to dairy experts, only grass fed cow ghee is the best out of the entire products. But is there anything special about grass fed cow ghee?

What is the grass fed ghee?

Ghee is a dairy staple, which is produced from milk butter. When cow milk is extracted from 100% grass fed cows, it is called grass fed cow milk. Ghee produced from grass fed cow milk butter is called grass fed ghee.  

It has been surveyed that grass fed cow ghee is superior in food value, quantity of nutrients, and longer shelf-life.  That is why grass fed ghee is preferred over the other ghee varieties.

Benefits of grass fed ghee for weight loss

One of the amazing health benefits of grass fed ghee is its natural support for natural weight loss. In recent past it was believed that ghee contains loads of fat, hence this dairy product may trigger obesity. But modern dieticians are confirming that the loads of saturated fats in ghee helps in quick wright loss from body if taken with a diet plan.

Cow ghee contains omega 3, 6, and other medium chain fatty acids that helps in quick weigh loss if ghee is used in cooking/diet maintaining a moderation and being supported by active lifestyle.

All these ingredients are available in grass fed ghee in higher quantity and that is why grass fed cow ghee is enjoying random popularity almost worldwide.

Benefits of grass fed ghee for skin and hair

Cooking with ghee is an organic way to enjoy ghee benefits. Moderate ghee diet is a therapeutic remedy for improved skin and hair health.  Ghee diet can help in regulating hair fall, stimulates hair growth, and stop unusual and premature hair greying.

Ghee diet is helpful in maintaining silky smooth skin.

The hydrating property of ghee works magic for all skin types. Even dry skin problem gets almost healed by external ghee massage along with ghee diet. The hydrating quality of ghee works as a natural hydrating agent for natural skin care.

Benefits of grass fed ghee during pregnancy

Pregnancy diet and ghee are relayed for triggering some obvious health benefits in a lady. The nutritional profile of ghee ensures positive dietary support for the carrying mother. 

Ghee diet in pregnancy is helpful for the baby’s perfect physical growth and organic brain development.  According to Ayurveda, cow ghee added in pregnancy diet can reduce the pain of pre-term labor.

Benefits of grass fed ghee in empty stomach

Cow ghee is a calorie enriched dairy product. It works as filler food if taken with tea and coffee in the morning. Ghee in lukewarm water in empty stomach is an excellent natural agent for body detox/ and natural bowel movement.

Presently over-weight persons are using ghee for their natural weight loss management, and grass fed ghee is one of the most desired products in this category.

Health benefits of grass fed ghee Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, cow ghee offers some unique clinical properties. For example, ghee diet is good for maintaining eye sight, flexibility of muscles and bone joints, etc.

According Ayurveda specialists, ghee in diet helps senior people in retaining their memory power and helps in maintaining a standard immunity. The risk of cardiovascular disease gets slightly lower with grass fed ghee in diet. 

Grass fed ghee can be used both externally by means of massage and internally in diet. It is always wise to go for an organic quality grass fed cow ghee. However, always use ghee in diet with restriction and include healthy active lifestyle to enjoy all aforementioned ghee benefits.

Willing to select a good quality organic grass fed ghee in your daily diet? 

Try Milkio organic certified grass fed cow ghee. Produced in New Zealand with the best quality milk butter, Milkio cow ghee will offer all the grass des ghee benefits. Bring home Milkio Today and stay healthy inside and outside.




benefits of grass fed ghee

Drinking ghee: how to fix this grandma’s remedy for your health benefits

Drinking ghee: how to fix this grandma’s remedy for your health benefits

Drinking ghee is a simple way for enjoying some of the unique ghee benefits.

According to Ayurveda, ghee is a natural cleanser and it has several medicinal qualities that can boost physical, emotional, as well as cognitive health. This is one of the reasons ghee is used for making ayurvedic medicines.

But how to enjoy ghee benefits when you are not taking any ayurvedic medicine?

Cooking with ghee is one of the simplest ways to avail the advantages of having ghee in diet. Similarly, you can eat ghee raw. Some people prefer to eat this dairy elixir as butter spread, but a number of people prefer to eat ghee by drinking it raw.

 But how to drink ghee? In fact, drinking ghee is not as simple as it reads. Indiscriminate consumption of this dairy fat may induce obesity. Therefore you should follow some rules of consuming ghee in raw.

Drinking ghee in empty stomach in early morning

Having ghee in early morning helps in various ways. Some of the natural benefits of this dairy staple is best felt by following this morning ghee remedy.

You have to consume one teaspoon organic ghee in one glass of lukewarm water. This should be the first thing you will consume to avail the ghee benefits.

  • Pure cow ghee works as natural laxative hence helps in treatment of irregular bowel movement.
  • Ghee has a natural detox power: drinking ghee in morning in empty stomach helps in cleaning digestive system. It is believed that this morning remedy is helpful for flexibility of bone joints.
  • Ghee in empty stomach is extremely beneficial for your skin health. According to Ayurveda, it helps in collagen formation hence offers a natural anti-aging treatment for skin.

For the best effect, you should have your breakfast after 30 minutes of this morning ghee remedy.

Drinking ghee in morning in tea or coffee

You can add ghee in your tea or coffee. You should avoid using sugar with this gee and tea remedy.  It has several health benefits:

  • Ghee offers ample calorie for your day’s stay and this is a simple way to convert your regular beverage into a natural energy drink.
  • Ghee works as a filler food and controls your hunger pang for longer than usual. In a passive way this ghee remedy helps in controlling calorie intake and helps body weight management.

Ghee at night at bed time

Having milk at bedtime is a proven remedy for enjoying sound sleep. It is good for the insomniacs as well for common people. But those are lactose intolerant and can’t digest milk, may try ghee at night remedy.

Mix one teaspoon of pure cow ghee at night with lukewarm glassful water at your bedtime. Don’t eat anything after you take this ghee remedy.

The benefits of drinking ghee at night can be summarized in the following effects:

  • Improvement of digestive strength by natural secretion of friendly enzymes.
  • Enhancement of your bone power & stamina.
  • Improvement of metabolism and natural detoxification of human body that balances emotional stability and physical endurance
  • Ghee is a great lubricator and moisturizer that helps in maintaining flexibility of muscle and bone joints and improved skin health. Users have experience improved hair health after practicing ghee at night remedy for 3-5 months.
  • Relieve burning sensation due to acidity and it helps in restoring low immunity & lack of emotional and physical strength and endurance.
  • It good for students because ghee helps in boosting concentration and aids in brain development up to the growing age.

    Drinking Ghee

 All these ghee benefits are available after having ghee raw in your diet.  

But in all these cases you have to maintain strict and planned moderation in ghee intake. Moreover, you must maintain an active lifestyle to get all the ghee benefits mentioned here.

Besides active lifestyle, you should use only best quality organic cow ghee for enjoying all drinking ghee benefits.

Use Milkio traditional 100% grass fed organic ghee, which is made in New Zealand from best quality raw materials. Milkio Ghee is available for online purchase too.


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Grass fed cow ghee therapies for controlling common lifestyle diseases

Grass fed cow ghee therapies for controlling common lifestyle diseases

Grass fed cow ghee is known for its different health-friendly qualities.

For example, it is full of nutrients, it is a good quality laxative, it is a healthy cooking oil with high smoking point, as well as cow ghee contains healthy fats, etc. There are different medicinal benefits of cow ghee; however, this is one of the reasons in ancient Ayurveda, physicians used to prescribe ghee to include in daily diet. Modern research has observed that use of ghee in daily diet can reduce the bout of different common lifestyle diseases. Hyper acidity Cow ghee is a gentle but efficient natural remedy to prevent hyper acidity. Instead of eating butter as spread, you can use pure cow ghee. Alternatively, you can cook your foods with ghee instead of using popular cooking oils. Improving digestion  Our Sedentary lifestyle is one of the triggers of our faulty or sluggish digestive system.  Besides exercise and life style modification, adding ghee in diet helps in easing the problem. Alternatively, you may try a remedy with ghee:  make a mix of grass fed cow ghee, ginger powder, and jiggery, and have the mix before the main meals to prevent the recurring problem of digestion. Headache Stress has become a part and parcel of our everyday life and cluster headache is an allied complication of stress and tension.  Everyday having 1-2 tablespoon ghee in diet can help in reducing the tension headache. Often people face the problem of blocked nostril due to headache: pouring 2 drops of lukewarm cow ghee in nostril can prevent the bout of headache. Depression Ghee offers a feel-good effect if it is included in daily diet. Besides, that pure cow ghee offers a natural coolant effect on body of used externally and internally.  In both the ways thus, cow-ghee consumption helps in fighting emotional crisis. It is observed that daily consumption of ghee can reduce the spell of mild depression, however, the remedy cannot be used a medical treatment of the disorder and substitute off medication. Skin Ghee is a skin friendly product.  In ancient India, regular ghee massage was recommended for babies and young ladies assuming that it helps in maintaining skin’s softness and elasticity. Regular ghee massage helps in reducing stretch marks due to pregnancy, obesity, etc. Equally ghee massage is good for scalp. Ghee massage on scalp helps in reducing the risk of formation of dandruff, split hair ends, and premature aging of hair. In Southern part of India, cow ghee is mixed with pure coconut oil for scalp massage, which is believed to be a natural remedy to prevent hair fall. Ghee for eye Dry eye syndrome is a common problem these days which occurs due to longer use of mobile, laptop, or for watching television.  Applying two drops of pure cow ghee in eyes at bedtime can wonderfully reduce dry eye syndrome. Ghee contains Vitamin A, which improves vision. Regular use of ghee in diet is a helpful remedy for controlling the problem of dry eye syndrome. Take care of heart health Ghee is responsible for supplying good fats and cholesterol if consumed daily in a moderate quantity. As a result, daily dose of recommended quantity of ghee improves heart health. Grass fed cow ghee is rich in CLA and Omega fatty acids, which are additional resources for keeping heart health at par. Other ghee benefits:

According to ancient Asian folk remedy, grass fed cow ghee can be used in some other diseases for its therapeutic effects.

These are:
  • Reducing joint pain for those are suffering from arthritis
  • Controlling the problem of mouth ulcer
  • Ghee is slightly aphrodisiac in nature: recommended dose can help in increasing sex drive.
All these benefits can be enjoyed from pure grass fed cow ghee only. Use Milkio Traditional grass fed cow ghee in your daily diet and enjoy awesome health benefits that will help to control the intensity of some of the most irritating and recurring life style diseases.
How to make ghee from butter : ghee recipe for your smart kitchen

How to make ghee from butter : ghee recipe for your smart kitchen

How to make ghee from butter is an intricate process of making a dairy special product.

It is tasty, offers long shelf life, beautifully smelled, and beneficial for health in manifold way. But the most surprising tweak about ghee making process is its delicacy.

Unless the method of ghee manufacturing is done with due diligence and detailing, the produced ghee may not get the desired quality.  The Finest quality of #ghee is produced when ghee making process will be traditional and the used raw material will be of the best category.

What is the best raw material for ghee?

Ghee is a healthy dairy item and it is a milk butter product. Fresh and grass fed cow milk is used for making this dairy delicacy. Grass fed cows are kept constantly on grass fodder and as a result, the milk extracted from these happy cows meet highest milk quality. If milk butter is made from this premium quality milk, it is highly anticipated that ghee quality will not be compromised.

Grass fed cow milk is the best material for making grass fed ghee butter and quality ghee is procured from this milk butter only.

How do you know if the ghee is done or not?

It is important to learn the symptoms when ghee making is over. When ghee making is complete usually you will get to see three points.

  • The foaming on the upper part of the butter will get somehow reduced.
  • The milk solids at the bottom of the pan will begin to turn brown.
  • If you push aside the upper foamy part, the middle layer is found enough clear for you to see. The middle layer consists pure ghee.

How to store ghee

Making the ghee is like winning half of the battle. Unless you can store this dairy staple properly ghee making process is not over. How to store ghee is completely related to ghee making. Once the product is cooked, you need to store the produce safely and neatly.

  • Store the ghee preferably in a glass jar if possible with dark glasses; it will obstruct UV ray to protect ghee’s original texture. Ghee is photo sensitive product and it often gets spoiled if you expose it to moisturizer or excessive heat outside.
  • Do not use a moist spoon to take out ghee. Moisture infestation can spoil ghee’s consistency.
  • Always keep the lid tightly closed to preserve its nutty aroma.

If you feel that ghee has gone somehow bad, mostly you may find visible signs of mold on its surface. If it somehow smells foul or palates rancid, you may somehow use it. However, you may keep the ghee in refrigerator for keeping it safe.

How much time it takes in making ghee?

It depends on the flame as well as on the quantity of the milk butter in the pan. Once the butter-broth, starts boiling, and a brown deposit gets accumulated at the bottom of the pan, the middle layer is formed and that is the clarified butter.  

If clarified butter is heated further, the golden yellow liquid gets caramelized and becomes slightly thicker in density. This is the ghee or brown butter. Once the #clarifiedbutter is formed, it takes 7-8 minutes to make ghee or brown butter. 

Is ghee healthier than butter?

Ghee is easier to digest than butter. It is milk-fat free hence does not pose the risk of food allergy for lactose intolerants. Ghee has slightly higher amount of saturated fats, hence works better as a filler food than butter.

Ghee is known for its higher smoke point than butter and that makes it a safer cooking oil for high temperature cooking.

How to make ghee from butter is thus not a mere production process it is a complete knowledge about ghee and its holistic features.

Want to add a premium quality organic ghee in your diet? Try Milkio traditional grass fed ghee in your kitchen and enjoy all ghee benefits for a better level of wellbeing. 

Milkio ghee is made in New Zealand and it is organic certified. Milkio ghee is available for online purchase too.


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