Consuming ghee for skin nourishment can be very helpful

Consuming ghee for skin nourishment can be very helpful

Usage of ghee for skin can be done in many different ways

It can be used for exterior beauty by massaging it into the skin and preserving the body’s natural immunity by using it in the diet. However, if we look at the advantages of eating ghee for skin, we can see that people of all ages can appreciate ghee benefits for skincare, but they must have an active lifestyle.

Pure ghee contains all of the most valuable nutrients for your skin. It gives you incredible performance while still being incredibly cost-effective as compared to expensive beauty products. The main reason for ghee benefiting the skin is that it is high in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, making it beneficial to the skin.

ghee for skin

Why should you use ghee for skin?

  • Ghee is becoming increasingly common for skincare for three primary reasons. Using ghee for skin has been practiced since ancient times. It’s high in the super-healthy fatty acids Omega 3, 6, and 9. There are many different ways of using ghee in the skincare routine. 
  • In contrast to costly anti-aging therapies at salons, this is an easy skincare procedure. Ghee is used as a natural moisturizer to improve your skin’s condition, mainly if it is dry and dull. Gently massage ghee o your skin as a moisturizer and wash off with cold water.
  • Create a paste of ghee and turmeric to use for skin lightening and even tone. Since both turmeric and ghee contain antioxidants, this combination is suitable for skin lightening. Toxins are removed from the skin, which assists in the lightening of spots.
  • Ghee is beneficial in treating and curing chapped, dry lips and cracked heels. Apply a few drops of ghee to your lips and heels before bedtime to achieve smooth, beautiful lips and heels!
  • When you use ghee for skin, you get Vitamin E’s bonus, which is essential for skin tightening. It is used to avoid wrinkles by creating and preserving collagen in the skin.

It is essential to choose the finest quality ghee for skin and achieve these benefits. You can buy Milkio’s 100% pure organic ghee, Non-GMO certified by BioGro, New Zealand. It contains No additional flavor, color, or preservatives, making it perfectly safe to apply to your skin. Milkio ghee is granted by Halal Certification by FIANZ. Milkio organic grass-fed ghee is now available on eBay and Etsy in the USA.

Cow ghee benefits for hair and skin everyone should know

Cow ghee benefits for hair and skin everyone should know

There are many cow ghee benefits for hair and skin

Cow’s ghee is one such natural ingredient that is powerful and simple to store and use, making it a must-have in your skin and hair care routine. Antioxidants in ghee, such as vitamins A and E, help to combat free radical damage. It contains fatty acids, which nourish the skin and strengthen the hair. Some of the ghee benefits are discussed below.

  • Ghee is unlike anything else when it comes to nourishing and hydrating the scalp. It boosts stable cell development on the scalp by nourishing it intensely with these nutrients, including omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, carotenoids, and other minerals.

  • Desi ghee is high in good fats and essential vitamins like vitamin A and D, which help prevent hair strands from being dull and rough. With only one or two applications, it nourishes and moisturizes your damaged hair.

  • Moisture is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Damage is more likely with hair that is dry and dull. There are many cow ghee benefits for hair that foster healthy follicles. Massaging ghee on your scalp will help to keep it healthy and moisturize your hair.

  • Another way to get frizz-free tresses is to massage ghee onto your scalp and hair. Relaxation is also very soothing. It will undoubtedly help you overcome all types of tension, whether it is the strain of meeting deadlines or the pressure of looking nice at a wedding. Massaging your scalp can be soothing and can make you relax. Perhaps, most significantly, it improves the blood supply and helps to keep the hair healthy. Massage the hair with a mixture of equal parts ghee and coconut oil. It’s a lot more nourishing than simply using gasoline.

Adding ghee to your diet to achieve cow ghee benefits for hair and skin is the best option. If you are new to consuming ghee, choose Milkio’s 100% authentic grass-fed ghee. It is 100% Organic cow ghee and Non-GMO certified by BioGro, New Zealand. FIANZ has granted Milkio ghee Halal Certification. It is rich in good fats, retains high MCT, more vitamins, and CLA, giving it a nutty buttery flavored taste.

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Ghee in winter: 5 reasons you should definitely try ghee for some added benefits

Ghee in winter: 5 reasons you should definitely try ghee for some added benefits

Ghee in winter is a reliable and amazing natural remedy that can offer you versatile benefits.

In fact, adding ghee in regular diet is always advantageous but in wintry season specially, this dairy staple in cooking brings some unique health benefits.  

How to use ghee in winter?

The unique versatility of this milk fat is that you can use it externally as well as internally. Ghee can be used in cooking and at the same time it can be used for skin and hair scalp massage. Ghee in diet is helpful in many ways but during winter it becomes a savior in many ways: five of them are outstanding in their effects.

Ghee is good for digestion

In wintry season we often face problem of indigestion. Added fibers in vegetables, the convention of using warm clothes, and irregularities in drinking water often causes the problem of sluggish digestion and discomfort of bloating.

#Gheediet can help you in controlling these problems of irregular digestive functions. Cooking with cow ghee helps in quick digestion, which is indeed an advantage in winter season for all of us.  Famous dietician Rujuta Diwekar has deciphered the advantage of having ghee in diet.

Ghee helps in burning fat…naturally

Ghee contains 64% natural saturated fats; the saturated fat portion contains medium chain fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acids and short chain fatty acids like Omega 3, and 6 acids. These fatty acids are considered health friendly and if consumed moderately in diet can help in achieving reduced body weight. 

If #ghee is consumed via daily diet, it maintains an adequate energy level in body and because of its fat content, ghee works like a filler food. It can keep you full for longer than usual. This dart staple is versatile and you can include it your breakfast as well as any nighttime with milk.

If staying slim and slender in winter is a challenge, adding ghee is diet you can achieve this goal with better ease.

Be beautiful with hair and skin beauty

The good fats in winter is helpful in maintaining natural oil level of skin and hair scalp. Moderate #ghee in diet is quite helpful in offering adequate care of your skin and hair, and keeps you glowing amidst wintry dryness.

Besides adding ghee in your #diet, don’t forget to use ghee as your natural massage oil. Offer you skin a ghee massage at least once in a week. Your skin will thank with is silky shine.

 Ghee is a wonderful natural ingredient for your hair care. Winter hair care gets easy with regular ghee scalp massage. Not only will it treat your hair frizz, also it will prevent the infliction of irritating dandruff at winter.

#Ghee improves immunity

Winter is the season when we mostly get inflicted by cold, flue, and other vital infections. Staying strong in terms of immunity is a way to get rid of these infections.

Ghee in diet is an easy way to improve your #immunity level. The nutrients in ghee is helpful for staying the immunity level up.  It is a passive way to stay in pink during this dry and chilled season. Cooking with ghee or ghee in diet, is a great way to stay fir and fine in winter.

This ghee in winter remedy applicable for people of all ages. Even pregnant ladies can try this ghee remedy for staying hale and hearty.

Ghee works as a taste enhancer

We can add ghee in all winter snacks and recipes to add an extra dose of flavor and a tummy texture. Be it a salad or a spicy curry, you can add ghee in all your foods.

The high calorie of ghee works as an antidote of wintry numbness. Besides grass fed ghee, you can use infused ghee as well for adding better taste in your foods.

All these #gheebenefits especially in winter become a predictable dose of purity and vitality.  However, you should buy only the organic grass fed ghee. #Organicgrassfedghee will work for your health and wellness and you can stay well throughout the winter. Yes, add the habit of exercise to enjoy all ghee benefits.

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If you want to buy competitive quality of organic cow ghee, Try Milkio traditional organic grass fed ghee. Made in New Zealand, this organic ghee will is all natural and now available for online purchase. The advantages of having ghee in winter diet will make you contented for sure!

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