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Ghee coffee recipe: 3 reasons the recipe has earned popularity worldwide

The ghee coffee recipe has earned vast popularity these days, and health freaks have started drinking coffee with ghee as an additive. We all know that sugar in coffee may cause acidity and obesity. But when ghee is already a fattening dairy, the question comes to the surface. Why does the ketogenic slimming diet approve …


The ghee rice recipe Kerala style is famous for its delicious flavor

Ghee rice recipe Kerala style This ghee rice recipe Kerala style is simple and quick to prepare recipe and is a popular choice for special occasions such as family gatherings or parties. Rice flavored with spices, dried fruits, and ghee has a distinct fragrance. Some spicy side dish or vegetable curry goes well with this. …


The paneer ghee roast: a great recipe for people on a diet.

Paneer ghee roast Paneer ghee roast is the ideal paneer recipe when you need a simple, spicy, and flavorful meal. Typically, this paneer dish is served dry as a starter snack. It is consumed in all parts of the world and highly appreciated due to its delicious flavor.   The combination of ghee and paneer …


Delicious ghee chicken recipe is a healthy and easy-to-make treat.

Ghee chicken Ghee chicken is an internationally famous tasty chicken recipe. One of the great things about this chicken recipe is that there are no set measurements for the ingredients; you can add your personal touch by adjusting and manipulating the elements and their proportions to your liking. The uniqueness of the recipe is its …


Eat ghee food recipes for keto diet and lose weight fast and quickly.

Ghee food Ghee food recipes are all the latest craze, and more and more knowledge on how it can improve your optimal health is available. But, precisely what is ghee, and how does it vary from butter? Ghee is similar to clarified butter, except that it has been boiled until it reaches the caramelization stage. …


Ghee cheese: Difference between these two fantastic dairy products.

Ghee cheese The ghee cheese difference is simple to understand. Without ‘ghee toast‘ or ‘cheese toast,’ our breakfast is incomplete. Both of these milk products are widely consumed in almost every home. Have you ever asked which one is the healthier option? Ghee and cheese are both produced from dairy. As per nutrition is concerned, …


Ghee recipe for keto diet: Is ghee better than butter in a keto diet?

Ghee recipe for keto diet Ghee recipe for keto diet is something we usually tend to gather information about. But, should we consume butter or ghee as a part of your keto diet? Let us answer this first. For a long, ghee has constituted a part of the staple diet in various hot countries in …


Keto recipe ghee – Five ways to make ghee a part of your keto diet

Keto recipe ghee Keto recipe ghee is an easy way of introducing ghee to your diet. Ghee is a great addition to a ketogenic diet. However, if consuming ghee is something new to you, figuring out how to include ghee in your diet might prove to be a little confusing. There are several ways to …


Keto Ghee Recipes: How to Add Ghee To Your Diet?

Keto ghee recipes Keto ghee recipes should be on your list if you are on a keto diet. These recipes are the perfect opportunity to add everything to your diet. Keto is all about less carbohydrate and more protein so that you burn the fat faster. Ghee is good fat which is necessary for your …


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