Grass fed Ghee or butter: Which is better for Keto?

Grass fed Ghee or butter: Which is better for Keto?

Grass fed Ghee or butter: Which is better for Keto?

Ketogenic diet is all about consumption of high fat intake and low carb intake to control obesity. It ignites ketosis process in which ketones work as fuel and burn unwanted fats from body. Therefore, adding saturated fats in your diet works perfectly in shedding extra body weight and thus ensures healthy weight loss in obesity management.

Cow ghee as a source of saturated fats, can safely be included in keto diet plan and a comparative study with butter can straightway prove that ghee is ahead by its virtue.

High fat and adequate calorie matters

Not wide varieties of food products are available that are high in fat content, reasonable in calorie intake, and low in terms of carbohydrate: fortunately cow ghee fulfils all three qualities that makes it wonderfully keto diet compatible. Butter has all these three qualities too but ghee proves more beneficial for few qualities.

Fat content

A tablespoon of ghee has 14 grams of fat in comparison to butter’s 10-12 grams, and ghee contains mostly saturated fats, which brings us to MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Now the next vital question is how MCTs are important.

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Ghee contains 25% or higher quantity of short-chain and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), whereas butter contains only 12% to 15% MCTs. Short to medium chain fats are easier to digest, and more easy to digest fat is consumed, they will work as better energy source. As per keto diet rules, these fats get turned into ketones, and you will be faster into ketosis.

MCTs also decrease hunger, help in weight loss, and also boost cells at the mitochondrial level reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and well as obesity control.

Grass fed ghee: Benefits Over Butter


Ghee contains negligible quantity of lactose and casein. It doesn’t trigger milk allergies like other dairy products. If you have lactose-intolerance, ghee based recipes are apt for you than butter based ones.

Vitamins, CLA and butyrate

Butter contain vitamins and MCTs, but ghee is richer in quantity of short- and medium-chain fatty acids, vitamins, A, D, E, K, and conjugated linoleic acid:  grass fed ghee also contains butyrate, the most ketogenic acid  that promotes a healthy metabolism and gut health.

The Right Kind of Fat

The ketogenic diet demands consumption of good amount of fat, but only the suitable kind of fats.

Saturated fats in grass fed ghee raise levels of HDLs (high density lipoproteins and ultimately help you to manage to take out cholesterol out of your blood and preventing formation of plaque in arteries. 

As fat content in butter is lesser than similar quantity of ghee, ghee is more keto diet friendly than butter. Butter is not lactose and casein free hence it is not free from the risk of lactose intolerance related problem.

If you want to enjoy perfectly keto friendly ghee, you must select only grass fed ghee. Milkio ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk and therefore contains healthy quantity of saturated fat: moderate consumption of Milkio ghee will help you to gain success in keto diet.

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Grass fed ghee: the super fat that helps in burning body fat

Grass fed ghee: the super fat that helps in burning body fat

Grass fed ghee: the super fat that helps in burning body fat

Life has become quite a large sedentary for majority of people, and as a result obesity has become a global threat. Besides exercise, adequate rest, and quality lifestyle, diet is one of the efficient remedies of fighting obesity by burning unwanted body fat from body.

Gone are those days when low calorie foods were only recommended as weight loss diet and fat free lean cooking oils are prescribed for cooking foods for people pursuing weight loss programs. Modern dieticians prefer nowadays moderate use of cow ghee as it is proven now that cow ghee, if consumed in moderation, can help in burning body fat in a faster and natural way.

But before that let’s take a look what grass fed ghee is made of.

What Ghee is made of?

Ghee is made of cow milk, and in its manufacturing process milk solids are taken away by slow heating. In this process, milk fat is taken away from the milk solids so that lactose and casein of milk gets completely removed from the procured ghee.  Ghee is an alkalinizing food, made with short chained fatty acid like butyrate, which is good for maintaining gut health and intestinal balance which causes clean digestive system and smooth bowel movement.

Grass fed ghee is enriched in medium–chain fatty acids. Furthermore, grass fed cow ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is known for its weight loss benefits. Also ghee is the source of fat soluble vitamins including vitamins K, A, and E.

Ghee for belly fat: Here’s how it aids weight loss 

Cow-ghee can reduce belly fat for some of its typical health-friendly properties.  In fact, because of these properties cow ghee can be used as one of the safe ingredients for including in your weight loss diet plan.

Ghee, regardless of its repute as an unhealthy pantry ingredient is really healthy if consumed in moderation. Here’s how it helps in losing body weight naturally and aids in burning belly fat:

  • Ghee is loaded with good quality essential amino acids that support in mustering the fat and compelling the fat cells to reduce in size. So, if you count on your tendency to acquire unwanted fat in your body, you must consider adding grass fed ghee in your weight loss diet plan.
  • Cow Ghee is loaded with CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which is a unique omega-6 fatty acid variety, which helps in natural weight loss if consumed in moderation.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids also tend to increase healthy lean body mass of individuals and also helps in easily reducing fat mass, and that in turn results in quick and side effect-less body weight loss.
  • Similarly, the omega-3 fatty acid content in cow-ghee also helps you to lose unwanted body fat and that results in slim and trim body contour.
  • Furthermore, cow ghee offers plenty of health benefits, including facilities like improving digestion as well as in ensuring natural prevention for harmful inflammation, which in its effect help you in losing unwanted and unhealthy body weight.

However, it is always wise to consume best quality grass fed ghee in your diet.

In terms of quality, you may trust on Milkio traditional grass fed ghee that is procured from 100% grass fed cow milk in New Zealand using latest technology and 100% safe and hygienic manufacturing process.


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Grass fed ghee: why cooks & bakers should give it a try?

Grass fed ghee: why cooks & bakers should give it a try?

Grass fed ghee: why cooks & bakers should give it a try?

Grass fed ghee is rightly called the 18th century super food and smart pantry hero because of its plenty of health benefits. Homemakers, mothers, and health freaks prefer to use cow ghee for its multiple health benefits, but these days’ cooks and bakers are also loving this pantry staple dairy products.  Yes, this preference is not a sheer gimmick but for some basic advantages cow ghee has earned the focus.

Ghee has high smoke point

Cooking and deep frying is a part of tasteful cooking and bakers often love to show their culinary charisma by doing yummy baking of varieties of cakes, cookies, as well as different veg and non-veg items. Because of high smoking point, ghee can ideally be used as the best quality baking oil.

For similar reason, cow ghee can be used for deep frying safely in comparison to low smoke cooking oils. Deep frying is done in higher temperature than other cooking processes and low smoke cooking oils get broken at a higher temperature and produce harmful free radicals.

But due to its high smoke point cow ghee remains stable while being used in deep frying, ghee remains unbroken, that is fatty acid chains in ghee never break down for producing free radicals.

Cooks and baking aficionados therefore have found cow ghee much more a stable cooking oil that is good to eat and safe for health management because of ghee’s plethora of health benefits.

Grass fed ghee adds a special aroma

Besides baking and frying, if cow ghee is added to your prepared foods, it adds a special nutty flavor. This flavor enhances the scrumptiousness of the foods where ghee is added. Furthermore, the oily texture of ghee works as a natural food preservative. Long dish life of a prepared food is the chef’s dream and ghee helps in enjoying the delight for them.

Ghee can be used in different cooking process

Grass fed ghee, the staple for modern kitchen, can be used in different ways in kitchen. It can used for frying, sautéing, seasoning, and cooking with the best health efficiency and without the least compromise on its edible quality.

Ghee offers outstanding shelf life

Intricacy of preservation and extended service life of the cow ghee needs special mention. It is now proven that good quality cow ghee if kept in an airtight jar, can stay intact for next 17 years after the date of manufacturing of the ghee. This extended life of ghee can be quite relieving for the cooks and home makers because they may preserve good quality for long without refrigeration. With little care they can preserve the item for long in kitchen.

Ghee is a feel good food

 Chefs and baker will find delight in knowing that ghee adds a layer of feel good mood for consumers. It is medically proven that ghee offers stress control ability, it is enriched in the quality of dairy products but as it is free of lactose and casein there is no risk of lactose allergy for the consumers.

These are some of the reasons cooks and bakers will find their peace of mind while using ghee in their kitchen. If you love baking and cooking delicious food items, ghee can be your staple ingredients in kitchen. Use Milkio grass fed cow ghee for enjoying all ghee benefits.

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Grass Fed cow ghee: add the power of Ayurveda to your homemaking skill

Grass Fed cow ghee: add the power of Ayurveda to your homemaking skill

Grass Fed cow ghee: add the power of Ayurveda to your homemaking skill

Grass fed ghee is one of the best cooking oils for sure as it offers saturated fats, helps in weight loss, works as natural moisturizer that maintains internal organs’ hydration level, etc. It is rightly called the pantry hero for its multiple health benefits. But surprisingly, this is not all about ghee benefits as grass fed ghee can be used for wide varieties of easy-to-practice home remedies, which in other way the effect of cow ghee’s medicinal qualities.

Reduces dry cough problem

Temperature fluctuation, dust allergy, cold attack, flue can cause the spell of cold and it is quite troubling. You may not prefer to have cold medicines as these medicines may make you little drowsy.  Instead you can try grass fed ghee, turmeric in one glassful lukewarm milk and you will get immediate relief if you continue the remedy for 2-3 days. Lactose intolerant people may try one teaspoon lukewarm ghee and black pepper mix for cold relief.

Constipation relief for pregnant ladies

Pregnant ladies often face the problem of constipation. Change of hormonal balance is one of the reasons behind this recurring discomfort. You cannot take indiscriminate over the counter medicines for this problem. But grass fed can help you to solve the problem naturally. Along with a healthy diet, adequate drinking of water, have one teaspoon grass fed cow ghee mixed in one glass lukewarm water twice a day: once in morning in empty stomach and the second glass ghee and warm water at the time of going to bed at night.

Ghee massage for hair fall problem, dandruff, and split end issue

Hair fall problem, recurring problem of dandruff, flaky scalp, and split en issues are enough irritating and really cannot be solved quickly. But ghee massage can do a miracle. Simply massage ghee and coconut oil together on your scalp, allow the oil to sit for 2-3 hours or overnight. Now in morning, wash your hair with mild shampoo and that will improve your hair health, will reduce dandruff, and will reduce split end issue faster.

Chapped lips are treated well

Chapped lips are a real trouble no matter you suffer during winter or in summer. In order to treat the roughness on your leap instead of using chemical bases balms, you can try grass fed cow ghee remedy. Mix two drops of cow ghee and two drops of honey and apply it on your lips at least 2-3 times in a day. Within next 2-3 days the problem of chapped lips will be recovered.  

Dark circle and eye are nursing

Late night sleep and inadequate rest, lack of exercise, or spicy food intake may affect your skin and its elasticity negatively. Eye bag, dark circle under eye, fine lines and wrinkles can be the effect of this irregular lifestyle. Besides life style modification, you can try applying grass fed ghee on your dark circle area and that can bring good change on skin color and reducing puffy eyes. 

There are some other quick fix remedies by grass fed ghee. These are:

  • Lukewarm ghee and water can restore sore throat and cracked voice
  • Application of ghee on eczema patch can reduce itching and discomfort of itching
  • Regular and moderate dose of cow ghee in diet can boost concentration power and strength of memory, which benefits students in different ways.

Use of best quality grass fed ghee to enjoy all these home remedy benefits. For example, Milkio grass fed ghee is made in New Zealand and can offer you best health benefits if used in cooking as well as for all the health benefits ghee can offer.

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