Can Lactose Intolerant Eat Ghee? Know Your Answer

  • August 10, 2021
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Can lactose intolerant eat ghee? Is it safe for dairy sensitives when ghee itself is a dairy?

Can lactose intolerant eat ghee? It has been a big question for those allergic to milk. After eating any dairy product, lactose-intolerant people may suffer diarrhea, acidity, bloating, and gas. Ghee is one of the popular dairy products.

Despite having numerous benefits, ghee has been in question for lactose-intolerant people. They are not sure if they can have it. In this article, we will look at the possibility of lactose intolerants eating ghee and if it can have any side effects on them. Let’s know in detail. 

Can Lactose Intolerant Eat Ghee? 

Ghee is clarified butter. It is obtained after heating butter at high temperatures, and the process caramelizes milk solids and separates lactose liquids. Although ghee is not an entirely dairy-free product, it makes a good option for those also who are lactose intolerant. Ghee contains negligible levels of casein and lactose. 


Eating ghee would be safe for lactose intolerants. Going by Science, ghee is fat in nature, while lactose is carbohydrate. Our body uses two entirely separate mechanisms to process both. That is why eating ghee is safe for lactose intolerant. While lactose intolerants can face difficulty digesting dairy products, ghee helps in making your digestion better. Ghee also has many other nutrients like soluble fats, vitamin A, E, and D, which help you stay healthy and boost immunity. 


In What Quantity Can Lactose Intolerant Eat Ghee? 

Although ghee is free from any lactose, eating it in a limited amount is suggested for lactose intolerant and other people. Eating ghee does not have any adverse impact on lactose-intolerant people. Still, overeating ghee can cause an increase in waistline and high levels of cholesterol. So, it is always wiser to eat ghee in a limited quantity.  

Can lactose intolerant eat ghee
Can lactose intolerant eat ghee

Ghee is a naturally obtained dairy product that is low in lactose and rich in nutrients. If you have also wondered about ‘can lactose intolerant eat ghee?’ In this article, we used scientific facts to conclude that lactose intolerants can also eat ghee and, at the same time, reap the health benefits of the same. 

Summing up:

You should always use grass fed ghee because grass fed ghee offers you optimum health benefits.  In grass-fed ghee category, you may try for Milkio grass-fed ghee, which is a pure New Zealand product and It is a USDA-approved dairy product for its 100% purity.

Can lactose intolerant eat ghee
Can lactose intolerant eat ghee

 About Milkio Grass fed ghee

Milkio grass fed ghee is all-natural and does not contain artificial color, flavor, and chemical preservatives. It is a butterfly-marked non-GMO Project Verified, USA, and an organic certified dairy product by BioGro, New Zealand.  

If you are worried about Can lactose intolerant eat ghee, you are absolutely safe with Milkio grass-fed ghee because it is lactose, casein, and gluten-free.  Milkio’s ghee is keto and Paleo diet friendly, which means you can use ghee in making your keto and Paleo recipes.

Milkio ghee is a healthy alternative to dairy butter. you can try the daity on your morning toast and for making fatty keto coffee.  It is a reliable source of good fats, and a healthy alternative to common cooking oils like olive oil, coconut oil, etc. 

Milkio grass fed ghee is now available for online purchase. You may order the pure New Zealand product online from Milkio E-Commerce. 

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