Can we have desi ghee during keto diet?

Rahul Ron, Lifestyle and Health Consultant (2007-present)

Definitely! If your carbs are less than 5% of your total calories, you would rely mostly on fats for energy. Clarified butter or Ghee (Desi) would be a major source of calorie provider in a Keto diet. You can use it on your steamed veggies or to cook the food. You may also add it to coffee to give it a creamy texture making it a desi version of the bulletproof coffee or tea.

Subramaniam Shanmugavelu, I am not a doctor or dietician but read about blood sugar, insulin and fat loss.

Absolutely. Desi ghee helps maintain ketogenic state. There was a two week period while on official travel, I ate more carbs than the typical ketogenic maximum allowed carbs. The items were prepared from Desi Ghee. It helped me maintain ketogenic state though I was on 24/0 Intermittent Fasting too from breakfast to breakfast.

Vamshi Bandari, Trainer at Fitness (2016-present) Yes you can have it. When you’re in keto diet the only energy source you’ll be having is Fats therefore desi ghee is a pure fat source you can have it. But do keep a check on the amount of ghee you are using as 1gm of fat has 9 calories.

Kurian Padappananickal, Doing non-professional research in nutrition, health and vascular health.
Certainly. It is a main ingredient in vegetarian keto diet.

Firstly congratulations for selecting this beautiful diet plan.
Keto diet can do wonders if followed regularly and religiously.
You can have desi ghee because it contains more fat and less carbohydrate but the intake should be limited.
If you want to reach 68 kg from 73 kg you may take two spoonful of desi ghee.

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