No Calcium in ghee: what makes ghee bone-friendly?

  • September 7, 2021
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Calcium in ghee: is it a myth only?

Is there calcium in ghee? Or, how ghee does ghee support bone health? No, ghee does not have calcium, but it still helps fortify bones. What’s the catch? Let’s read more.

  Is there any Calcium in ghee? Have you ever thought of what makes ghee capable of promoting bone health in the human body? If we chemically analyze grass-fed cow milk, we will find calcium. But ghee does not contain calcium. Milk solids get removed from milk butter during the ghee-making process.  Ghee-clarified butter becomes calcium-free.

Clarifying the Myths: Ghee’s Calcium Content

In exploring ghee’s nutritional profile, it’s essential to address a common misconception: its historical association with calcium. While traditionally linked to this essential mineral, modern ghee production undergoes clarification processes that remove milk solids, the primary source of calcium. As a result, there is no calcium in ghee.

Is there calcium in ghee? This nuanced perspective aims to dispel myths, highlighting ghee’s true value in its nutrient-rich, clarified form, emphasizing healthy fats over calcium content. Let’s delve into the intricacies of understanding how ghee stands out for its holistic nutritional benefits beyond calcium considerations.

  • Ghee, traditionally linked to calcium, was historically sourced from milk solids. Yet, modern clarification methods remove these, reducing calcium content but retaining its prized, healthy fats.
  • Despite historical associations, ghee production involves removing milk solids, where calcium primarily resides. Consequently, the traditional belief in ghee as a significant calcium source is nuanced.
  • Calcium is chiefly concentrated in milk solids, separated during the ghee clarification. As a result, ghee’s calcium content is notably lower than common misconceptions suggest.
  • The clarification process, integral to ghee production, removes milk solids, reducing its calcium content. Ghee’s value lies in its clarified, nutrient-rich, and health-promoting properties rather than calcium abundance.
  • Ghee is revered for its healthy fats rather than calcium content. The emphasis on beneficial fats distinguishes ghee as a nutritional powerhouse, aligning with contemporary dietary preferences.
  • Understanding the nuances is crucial to dispel common misconceptions. Due to modern clarification methods, Ghee, prized for its healthy fats, differs from the historical perception of a significant calcium source.

How does ghee supply calcium to bone/body?

Pure grass-fed ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K2.  One of the essential features of ghee is its wholesome power to boost the calcium absorption power from other foods, but the quantity of calcium in ghee is nil. This potential becomes conceivable for vitamin D and K2 content in ghee.

To explain in detail, Vitamins D and K are fat-soluble vitamins and play a vital role in calcium metabolism. Vitamin D promotes vitamin-K-dependent proteins, which involve vitamin K2 for complete carboxylation to function correctly.

The combo of vitamins K and D can extract calcium from all the consumed foods, including calcium-rich foods, and supply the extracted calcium to the body and the bones.

Although there is no calcium in ghee, vitamin D and K2 in ghee-dairy oil improve the body’s absorption power and enhance calcium absorption from other foods.

Calcium In Ghee
No Calcium in ghee: what makes ghee bone-friendly? 1

Calcium in Ghee: The role of calcium in healthy bones

Is there calcium in ghee? Calcium is much needed for the strength of the bones in the human body. Furthermore, the body uses calcium regularly in muscle and nerve functions.

A significant portion of calcium gets lost during the physical processes in the colon and kidneys. If our body does not find sufficient calcium to use, it starts pulling the stored calcium into our bones, making our bones and teeth weak and fragile.

The constant use of calcium by the body is why our body needs an adequate supply of calcium in a regular course. Ghee does not supply calcium actively, as there is no calcium in ghee. Still, ghee boosts the capability of the body to absorb calcium from food courses like leafy vegetables, soft fish bones, milk, dairy products, etc.

Grass-fed ghee and ghee products contain more fat-soluble vitamins than grain-fed ghee, and that is why adding grass-fed ghee to the diet is a natural way to get the support of Vitamin D and K2 for improved calcium absorption. 

Besides calcium absorption support, grass-fed ghee offers ghee nutrition and natural goodness, making grass-fed ghee products superior to non-grass-fed ghee varieties. This was all about calcium in ghee.

Health benefits of ghee

It is a proven fact that there is no calcium in ghee. But despite the lack of calcium content, we have already discussed that ghee offers bone health support. But that’s not all. Ghee offers some more unique health benefits.

  • Rich in Nutrients: Ghee contains essential vitamins and healthy fats, supporting overall health and providing a nutrient-dense addition to your diet.
  • Digestive Aid: Ghee aids digestion by promoting the production of stomach acids, supporting a healthy gut environment and nutrient absorption, and fostering digestive well-being.
  • Lactose and Casein-Free: Ideal for those with lactose intolerance, ghee retains pure butterfat after clarification, making it a suitable alternative for individuals with dairy sensitivities.
  • High Smoke Point: With a high smoke point, ghee is perfect for cooking at elevated temperatures, preserving its nutritional integrity and offering a versatile and flavorful cooking oil.
  • Boosts Immunity: Ghee contains antioxidants that support the immune system, helping the body combat oxidative stress and inflammation and contributing to overall immunity and wellness.
  • Joint Health: Ghee’s rich content of omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties can contribute to joint health, potentially alleviating stiffness and promoting flexibility in the joints.
  • Heart Health: Moderate consumption of ghee may contribute to heart health by providing healthy fats and supporting cholesterol balance, potentially protecting cardiovascular well-being.
  • Enhances Brain Function: Ghee is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for brain health. When consumed as a balanced diet, it may support cognitive function, memory, and overall mental well-being.

Why Grass-fed?

Besides ghee nutrition, grass-fed ghee offers an improved profile of healthy fatty acids. It has been tested that grass-fed milk fat contains at least 5 times more conjugated linoleic acid, Butyric acid, Vaccenic acid, and Omega-3 acids.

Moreover, milk derived from grass-fed cows has higher beta carotene and fat-soluble vitamins and macro and micronutrients. 

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