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The best ghee butter: 5 features to check before buying

The best ghee butter is always in high demand. Fortunately, it is easier to shortlist excellent-quality ghee. If you are planning to buy ghee, you should learn first the tips to categorize a premium product from the average quality dairy ghee butter. You will get to know about ghee butter by trading its product label …


Ghee Benefits for skin: 7 ways ghee can improve your skin

Ghee benefits for skin is all about application of ghee for hassle-free skin care treatment.  Both men and women can use the Ghee beauty therapy regardless their age and lifestyle. The uniqueness of ghee beauty therapy is that you can use ghee externally as well as you can use ghee benefits by adding ghee in …


How to make clarified butter: ghee manufacturing is explained

How to make clarified butter or ghee is a common consumer query. However, it is an easy process, which you can try at home with your regular utensils. Alternatively, the ghee making process is used commercially so that a ghee manufacturer can produce ghee in bulk quantity, and the product quality gets properly maintained. But …


Organic desi ghee: how to use in your diet

Organic desi ghee is a 100% natural product. It is a special quality of ghee that is certified organic. Plenty of ghee brands are there in market as ghee or clarified butter is worldwide popular as a safe cooking oil. But very few of these brands are truly certified organic. Desi ghee means generally pure …


How to make ghee from milk: why is ghee a better butter?

How to make ghee from milk is a traditional process. It here milk made cream or unsalted butter is used as the raw ingredient. But what makes the process special is the use of raw material and the authenticity of the process. If a ghee manufacturer combines hygienic production process and best quality milk butter, it …


Grass-fed cow ghee: why it is the best ghee variety Grandma always loved

Grass-fed cow ghee has earned worldwide popularity. Health freaks are loving this product for its all-rounder health benefits, and modern nutritionists are referring this dairy staple in diet for its several medicinal benefits. Grandmas were quite knowledgeable about health and wellness and perhaps that is why use to love this milky day in their family …


Where to buy organic ghee: 5 tips to buy smart online

Where to buy organic ghee is a critical consumer decision. It is one of the sensitive questions for the ghee manufacturers too. A ghee manufacturer implements varieties of provisions to keep the consumers happy so that consumers trust a specific product and the product gets to earn consumer loyalty. It assures the stability of the …


Fat Only Makes You Fat When Paired With Carbohydrates

Fat is a lifestyle enemy.If obesity and lifestyle diseases are a global concern, then what makes you fat is also a serious concern. The traditional concept was that inclusion of fatty elements in diet is detrimental to maintain healthy body weight but modern research is opposing the idea.  Fatty materials are not the reasons of …


Grass fed butter NZ: why it is the best in category?

Grass fed butter NZ is one of the best quality dairy butter, used for making pure grass fed ghee. Grass fed butter NZ is the sole ingredient for making grass fed ghee. But why NZ grass fed butter ranks best? New Zealand is famous for its finest quality dairy products, ghee is one of them. …


Grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which one is health friendly

Grass fed cow ghee and buffalo ghee: which one is health friendly Grass-fed Ghee is produced from cow or buffalo milk: depending on the milk source, ghee can be categorized as cow ghee or buffalo ghee. Both are dairy products and both are consumed as pantry staple. But if you have to select between grass …


Ghee producer – Pure Ghee Manufacturers

Ghee producer companies are mostly two types. One is the primary producer and the other is the secondary producer. Primary producers maintain a dairy farm for producing the milk butter and the secondary ghee producers buy their raw materials from certified firms. For example, Milkio Foods of New Zealand is a secondary ghee clarified butter producer …


Ghee Fat Bombs: why are these unique in losing weight?

Ghee Fat bombs! Does it sound terrifying like an overdose of unwanted fat, maybe? But you will be amazed to know about it. It is, in reality, a tiny little snack for a weight loss regime making waves in the health and fitness domain currently.  Are you feeling confused? Here’s the fat story. So what …


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