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Benefits of cultured ghee

Benefits of cultured ghee The benefits of cultured ghee is an important consumer concern. Knowing the ghee benefits will help you to enjoy this dairy product in your food in proper moderation. But before that, let’s know first what cultured ghee is and the primary difference between cultured ghee and regular ghee. Regular ghee is …


What is clarified butter called, what are its benefits.

What is clarified butter called Do not worry about What is clarified butter called? By the way, it is famous by the name of ghee. It’s prepared by separating milk solids and water from ordinary butter. It is super easy to prepare at home. However, the health benefits of clarified butter prepared at home are limited. …


Is clarified butter healthier than regular butter?

Is clarified butter healthier than regular butter?  Have you ever fumbled over this dietary dilemma? Actually, both these products are milk made butter, and they are classified as dairy products. But if we analyze clarified butter and regular butter, we will find some significant differences between them, and accordingly, we can compute to find the …


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