Best organic cow ghee: why it’s special?

  • June 28, 2021
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Best organic cow ghee: reasons to call it an exclusive dairy produce

The best organic cow ghee is a premium product, and there are multiple reasons behind calling the product a superior one in its category. When we call a dairy product organic, we don’t count on its purity only. Organic is a product labeling, and at the same time, an organic labeled product ensures complete reliance of consumers about that product. Organic ghee assures that it is certified as 100% pure and a certain level of sanctity has been maintained at the time of this product manufacturing.  

But that’s not all. Organic ghee is a product of organic dairy farming, and to understand the delicacy of organic farming, you have to understand the stipulations and restrictions an organic farmer abides by. Let’s check the restrictions of organic dairy farming first.

Best organic cow ghee
Best organic cow ghee

What is special about Organic farming?

 Animals in dairy farming are not livestock only. Here they are treated with comfort, welfare, and health care. Organic cows are free animals and they graze on the green pasture almost round the year and collect their feed from the pasture-cultivated green-grass only.

As these cows can lead their natural stress-free life, they can produce better milk quality, at least superior to the cows groomed in captivity and under the shade. These captive cows suffer from stress and often malnutrition, and that creates a drop in their milk quality in comparison to grass-fed cow-milk. 

  The quintessential qualities of organic dairy farming

  • Cows are free to graze outdoor, and they are mostly green pasture-raised.
  • They are fed on grass and grass-based fodders. The feed quality improves milk quality.
  • Organic cows are never treated with antibiotics, hormone-based medicines, and steroid’s, hence cow milk produced by these cows are found free from antibiotic, steroid, or hormonal medicine residues.  
  • The grass used for the feed of organic dairy cows is specially cultivated. They are produced in the soil, which is not treated by chemical fertilizer or pesticides at least for the last three years.
  • Soil management and water management are the two major concerns of organic dairy farming for healthy cattle feed (grass) production.
  • In organic dairy farming, all the compliances of organic dairy are recorded via documents so that at the time of the audit the dairy firm can establish its organic procedures and management.

What makes an organic ghee a superior product?

  • Research has detected that organic cow milk is more nutritious than non-organic milk variants. Organic cow milk contains a higher quantity of beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acid.
Best organic cow ghee
Best organic cow ghee
  • Pasture-raised organic cow’s milk has considerably higher levels of vitamin E and other antioxidants than milk generated from conventional dairy farming.
  • Fresh forage contains a higher quantity of PUFA, unsaturated fatty acids, especially ALA and other omega-3 fatty acids for improved nutrition, which make organic cow milk superior in quality.
  • The premium quality of organic cow milk is maintained round the year. 

Ghee manufacturers prepare  the best organic cow ghee only from milk collected from organic dairy farms. An organic dairy farm yields a lesser quantity of milk per cow than conventional dairy milk. As supply is restricted, the product cost gets higher.

Because of strict quality control in milk production, the best organic cow ghee is undoubtedly a superior quality dairy product. 

The best organic cow ghee is health-friendly

Ghee is used as a cooking oil and a taste enhancer. But like most of the cooking oils, saturated fat based ghee is not that derogatory for consumer health, especially if you intake ghee diet in an active lifestyle.  The best organic cow ghee is the best quality cow ghee and in terms of receiving the best ghee benefits, this premium quality cow ghee is more reliable.

In Ayurveda, ghee in the diet is prescribed for multiple benefits. These are digestive help, constipation cure, natural treatment of acidity, eye care, skincare, etc. These benefits get positively available when you bring the best organic ghee quality in your kitchen. 

Longer shelf-life is a privilege

Longer shelf life is one of the exclusive benefits of organic ghee, and that is why buying ghee in bulk is safer bait than buying cooking oil in wholesale. You can buy organic cow ghee, and the best organic cow ghee is easy to store in the kitchen without the support of refrigeration.

Away from light and moisture, you can preserve organic cow ghee in an airtight container for 12-18 months from its date of manufacturing.

Ghee in diet can help in weight loss

The best quality cow ghee if used in moderation, it works as a filler food. Add ghee in your morning tea or coffee, and you will stay full for a long. The high calorie of ghee and good fat content satiates the need for calorie intake.

If you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, a moderate amount of ghee can keep you energized. Conjugated Linoleic Acid in ghee helps in reducing the inflammation of the body and promotes maintain weight loss, retains lean muscle mass if you offer your body the support of a balanced diet, regular exercise, etc.

How to find the best organic cow ghee?

It gets easier to buy the best organic cow ghee if you check a few points before buying the product.

  • Check if the product is organically certified by a reputed product certifier.
  • If the ghee complies with the USDA standard of purity.
  • Check the storage recommendation; Good quality organic cow ghee will stay intact without refrigeration support.

Why Milkio organic cow ghee is a good option?

  • Milkio Organic ghee is produced from organic cow milk collected from the organic dairy farms of New Zealand only.
  • The product is certified by BioGro, New Zealand,
  • It offers a long shelf life, at least 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • The dairy item is available for online and offline purchases.
  • It is Halal and Kosher certified.
  • it is lactose-free and offers a high smoking point, hence it is safer cooking oil.  

If you are looking for the best organic cow ghee to purchase, go for Milkio product. Made in clean green New Zealand, Milkio organic cow ghee is one of the best choices for buying premium quality ghee.

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