Benefits of Grass-fed ghee: what Everyone Should Know about

  • September 7, 2021
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The benefits of grass fed ghee is an important piece of information for ghee users. 

Grass-fed ghee is the new sensational superfood in modern kitchen. Credit goes the enhanced health consciousness of general people and the popularity of social media that ghee has earned huge popularity recently. It is a unique dairy staple that is health-friendly, food-friendly, and a beauty booster.

Wide varieties of ghee is available in market. But according to dairy experts, only grass fed cow ghee is the best out of the entire product. But is there anything special about grass-fed cow ghee?

What is the grass fed ghee?

Ghee is a dairy staple, which is produced from milk butter. When cow milk is extracted from 100% grass fed cows, it is called grass fed cow milk. Ghee produced from grass-fed cow milk butter is called grass-fed ghee.  

It has been surveyed that grass-fed cow ghee is superior in food value,  in terms of quantity of nutrients, and longer shelf-life.  That is why grass fed ghee is preferred over the other ghee varieties.

Benefits of grass fed ghee for weight loss

One of the amazing health benefits of grass-fed ghee is its dietary support for natural weight loss. In the recent past it was believed that ghee contains loads of fat, hence this dairy product may trigger obesity. But modern dieticians are confirming that the loads of saturated fats in ghee helps in quick wright loss from body if taken with a diet plan.

Cow ghee contains omega 3, 6, and other medium-chain fatty acids that helps in quick weigh loss if ghee is used in cooking/diet maintaining moderation and being supported by active lifestyle.

All these ingredients are available in grass-fed ghee in higher quantities and that is why grass fed cow ghee is enjoying random popularity almost worldwide.

Benefits of grass fed ghee for skin and hair

Cooking with ghee is an organic way to enjoy ghee benefits. Moderate ghee diet is a therapeutic remedy for improved skin and hair health.  Ghee diet can help in regulating hair fall, stimulates hair growth, and stop unusual and premature hair greying.

Ghee diet is helpful in maintaining silky smooth skin.

The hydrating property of ghee works magic for all skin types. Even dry skin problem gets almost healed by external ghee massage along with ghee diet. The hydrating quality of ghee works as a natural hydrating agent for natural skin care.

Benefits of grass fed ghee during pregnancy

Pregnancy diet and ghee are related as ghee diet offers some obvious health benefits in a lady. The benefits of grass-fed ghee ensure positive dietary support for the carrying mother. 

Ghee diet in pregnancy is helpful for the baby’s perfect physical growth and organic brain development.  According to Ayurveda, cow ghee added in the pregnancy diet can reduce the pain of pre-term labor although it is not medically proven. 

Benefits of grass fed ghee in empty stomach

Cow ghee is a calorie-enriched dairy product. It works as filler food if taken with tea and coffee in the morning. Ghee in lukewarm water in an empty stomach is an excellent natural agent for body detox/ and natural bowel movement.

Presently over-weight persons are using ghee for their natural weight loss management, and grass-fed ghee is one of the most desired products in this category.

Health benefits of grass fed ghee Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, cow ghee offers some unique clinical properties. For example, a ghee diet is good for maintaining eyesight, the flexibility of muscles and bone joints, etc.

According to Ayurveda specialists, ghee in the diet helps senior people in retaining their memory power and helps in maintaining a standard immunity. The risk of cardiovascular disease gets slightly lower with grass-fed ghee in the diet. 

Grass fed ghee can be used both externally by means of massage and internally in diet. It is always wise to go for an organic quality grass-fed cow ghee. However, always use ghee in your diet with restrictions and include a healthy active lifestyle to enjoy all the aforementioned benefits of grass fed ghee.


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benefits of grass fed ghee
benefits of grass fed ghee


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