How to make clarified butter recipe

How to make clarified butter recipe

Clarified butter is milk fat that is converted from butter when water and milk solids are separated from milk fat.

Clarified butter which originated from India and Asia has a higher smoke point which make it favorable when sautéing and cooking.

When making ghee, unsalted butter is recommended to obtain a pure and no salty flavor butter.

How to make anhydrous milk fat recipe:

  • Cut the unsalted butter into small pieces to facilitate heat penetration, place the butter pieces into a saucepan to melt at low heat slowly without stirring it and don’t let it brown.
  • Separate milk solids from butterfat, as the butter melt you can see it separate into three layers;
    • The top layer is thin and foamy; this represents some of the milk solids.
    • The middle layer is the bright golden butterfat.
    • The bottom layer is made up of water and milk solids.
  • The butter separates skim off the white foam with a spoon, when the butter is finished melting and no more foam on top, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool for about 5 minutes or, so to give more solid settle at the bottom.
    • Skim off any last bits of the foam that flow to the surface of the saucepan, slowly decant or pour off the clear butterfat into a glass liquid measuring cup carefully to leave much of the solid behind as you can.
  • Line a fine mesh strainer with several layers of cheesecloth and set it over a heatproof container, pour the warm butterfat through the cheesecloth to filter out any remaining milk solids.

You can store your clarified butter in an airtight container, in a fridge or freeze for several months.

Formation brown butter is easier than you consider and will change your way of food preparation!

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How to make ghee?

How to make ghee?

How to make ghee, its application in preparation of delicious dishes and its other use

Ghee production is the leading segment of milk exploitation of the dairy plants. Most have a ghee production facility to meet the market demand and also to make use of the excess fat effectively.

In making ghee, simple technology is involved and relatively less investment it requires for ghee production. Ghee is clarified butterfat originated from milk.

It can be prepared from butter or cream very conveniently at home on a small scale. Domestic process route comprises of fermenting whole milk to curd. Followed by conversion of curd into butter utilizing prolonged churning, and subsequently boiling down the butter to ghee.

Ghee is considered to be the richest and healthy source of animal fat in a vegetarian diet. It provides about 9k — calorie energy/gm of ghee.

How to make ghee from milk?

Ghee is being prepared from milk commercially by the following methods:

  • The concentration of milk fat to form of cream or butter.
  • Clarification by heating of fat-rich milk portion to reduce the amount of water lesser than 0.5%.
  • Separation of the card content in the form of ghee residue.

There are primarily five methods of ghee making:

  1. Indigenous Method
  2. Direct Cream Method
  3. Creamery Butter Method
  4. Pre-stratification Method
  5. Continuous Method

How to make from butter?

In pre-stratification method ripened or unripened butter or Cream are use for ghee making. Ripening of cream is carried out by special treatment of the cream with enzymes for imparting color and flavor.

Ghee prepared from ripened cream has got longer preservation quality


  1. Avoid overflow due to foaming by regulating temperature
  2. Careful and continuous stirring during melting of butter
  3. Ripening under controlled conditions.
  4. Raw material required:
    • Ripened cream/cream/butter

Ghee is commonly made and used in cuisines of New Zealand, U.S.A., U.A.E as well as China. Good quality is produced in New Zealand because it’s dairy industry is one of the greatest globally. New Zealand earns potential revenue of about $14 billion a year, and its ghee business is growing fast both in-house as well as in export.

Ghee industry in New Zealand is based on quality and health benefit. Following this, ghee is producing and packaging conforming strict hygiene and quality control standards.

In the U.S.A., millennial connoisseur smote with super favorite foods like kale and quinoa, ghee is blended with Coffee, has a high demand.
It sounds expensive, but it is all the rage of young people all over the U.S.A. In traditional rice or biriyani preparations in U.S.A. ghee has a high demand.

The U.S.A. is one of the big producer and exporter of ghee, and the business is growing by leaps and bound. All over India, people love to eat ghee topped roti. In Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, ghee also used as tops for dosa, and rice. Bengal and Gujarat, love khichdi as a traditional evening meal where ghee is always present.

Ghee is extensively using as an ingredient in a variety of Chinese dishes. Consumption pattern of ghee in U.A.E. and Middle East countries are similar to India. U.A.E also a significant producer and exporter of ghee.

So, reply to the query ‘How to make ghee from butter?’ is answerable by almost all the people of India as it is highly prevalent in their cuisine.

4 Common Keto Mistakes That Beginners Make

4 Common Keto Mistakes That Beginners Make

4 Common Keto diet mistakes that beginners make, and try to avoid them

It is quite common that when you talk to someone, you realize that the person is on a Keto diet.

Being a member of those on Ketogenic diet has become a fashion nowadays, and that is not without any cause. It is established that such food helps to enhance the growth of the brain, restore energy, normalize blood sugar, reduce inflammation and there are many more.

As we all generally have some of these health problems, we try to follow a keto diet with Keto fitness regularly. The question arises as we commit certain unintentional mistakes which make this healthy diet to turn into not such.

It is wise to know such mistakes and about the ways to avoid those so that we can follow the proper keto diet and have all health benefits associated with it.


Mistake # 1: Focusing on macronutrients than on quality

If you observe, then you will notice that there are many food items available in the market that are advertised as keto but are not that healthy as it should be.

We are highly focused on getting micronutrients and do not care about the quality of the food.

Making such a mistake in actuality, we intake food items that are inflammatory. Such foods in place to reducing the health problems increase it. The actual purpose of being on a keto diet is lost due to this mistake.

The solution

It is seen that the unhealthy ingredients are associated with prepared foods. So, to avoid consuming such the following ways are helpful:

  • Reading the label to identify is such components are present in the packed food that we intend to purchase.
  • If such ingredients are noticed, then we need to avoid buying it.
  • It is best to have some snacks like nuts, seeds, and olives that will help us to prevent such packed foods.
  • Download a food tracking app, refer some keto cook book, so that we can understand the macronutrients that we intake when we consume foods that do not have labels.

Mistake # 2: Consume much of dairy

Whenever we think of a keto diet, we think of milk. The problem that happens with milk is not with the milk but what we have done with the cows.

To have more milk production, we feed the cows with antibiotics and hormones and often crossbreed to have better species of cows.

This happens to increase the level of casein in milk. The milk is pasteurized, homogenized, and the fat is removed and synthetic vitamins filled in.

So, the liquid that we drink does not have anything good.

The solution – keto diet food list

The best way is to look for alternatives. The alternatives are:

Mistake # 3: Avoiding vegetables on when start keto diet

It is seen that people on keto diet avoid having vegetables and plant foods. The reason for such avoidance is the content of carbohydrate. What happens is that we miss the opportunities to have vital phytonutrients and prebiotic foods for a healthy digestive tract.

Avoiding vegetables, on Keto lunch, we also lack an intake of magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

The solution

We must avoid the carb-heavy vegetables but have those, which are nutrient-dense like,

  • Avocado: 1,067 mg potassium / 58 mg magnesium per 1 whole avocado
  • Spinach: 839 mg potassium / 157 mg magnesium per 1 cup of spinach
  • Kale: 329 mg potassium / 31 mg magnesium per 1 cup of kale
  • Swiss chard: 136 mg potassium / 29 mg magnesium per 1 cup of Swiss chard

Mistake # 4: Having processed meat – keto meal ideas

While following keto diet meat can be had, and that leads us to have processed meat. Meat is loaded with helpful nutrients, as vitamin B. Processed meat does not have such.

The solution

If we think that meat is necessary for our diet, then we must buy the grass-fed variety of meat options. We can even have freshly caught fish when on the keto diet.

These are the most common mistakes that happen, and we have discussed the solutions to those.

Avoid those mistakes following the answers and have a perfectly balanced keto diet.

Legal Disclaimer

Thank you for reaching Milkio Foods! Nothing on this site is medical advice. Talk to your doctor before making any lifestyle or diet changes. Our opinions are not intended as medical advice and should not a bit of medical information.

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Scientific reasons for having MCT Ghee

Scientific reasons for having MCT Ghee

MCT ghee usage is on the rise nowadays and you must have noticed that.

It must have made you curious as for why such usage of ghee is on the rise.

If you have such a query then you are at the right place, as you read through you will understand what the benefits are making such usage so prominent.

Amount of MCT in Ghee

Before we start discussing the amazing benefits of MCT ghee, it is better to know about the level of such oil in grass fed organic ghee.

It is seen that if you have grass fed organic ghee then you can have enough supply of MCT oil.

The best part is that you can use the ghee in many ways and have the required amount of MCT daily.

Benefits of having MCT from ghee

Coming to the benefits of having MCT ghee many can be listed which science has proved to be correct.

Promotes loss of weight

There are several reasons for MCT oil to be beneficial for losing weight. The consumption of such enhances the secretion of two hormones namely peptide YY and leptin.

Having the release of such hormones, you have the feeling of fullness that helps you to have less amount of food.

The MCT that you have from the ghee is used by the body to have instant energy so you do not feel fatigued when you have less diet.

You have the vitality to carry on your daily work with the same vigor and at the same time lose weight.

Instant source of energy

It is observed that MCT is absorbed quicker than LCTs. MCT being of shorter chain length travel from the gut to the liver without the help of bile.

As the fat is broken down fast in the liver, it is absorbed by the body cell to have the required energy. So, you can have instant energy.

Now what is the way to have such MCT, the best way is to have MCT ghee.

Amazingly when you are on Keto diet, then the MCT is broken down into ketones and they supply the necessary energy to your brain.

You will be having a better functioning of the brain and hence best of memories and intellect.

Use of fat for energy

It is seen that athletes love to have MCT ghee. During exercise is the level of lactate is on the rise then it creates problems.

Having MCT one can avoid such. Moreover, it is observed that the stored fat is used for energy instead of carbs.

Relief from various diseases

One who is suffering from diseases like epilepsy, Alzheimer or Autism can have relief use MCT ghee is consumed.

The conditions of such diseases can be controlled effectively using such ghee.

Means to avoid heart disease

Contrary to the common belief, if you have MCT ghee then you can reduce the chance of having an unhealthy heart.

As it helps you to lower weight and cholesterol, you will have a lesser chance of any heart disease.

You can now easily understand how beneficial it is to have MCT ghee.

So, immediately have such grass fed organic ghee having enough supply of MCT and have the above benefits.

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Could Keto Coffee Help You Lose Weight? Reasons to add Organic Ghee to your coffee

Could Keto Coffee Help You Lose Weight? Reasons to add Organic Ghee to your coffee

Organic Ghee grass fed is added to coffee and you may have noticed that quite often.

Yes, and the obvious question that comes to your mind is why add such clarified butter instead of some more milk or sugar. Definitely, there are obvious reasons.

The amazing part is that you may have noticed that people who are on a Keto diet is also adding such to the coffee they are having. Let us have a look at some of the reasons for such an addition.

Too busy to have breakfast

Our fast life has made us such that we sometimes do not have time to have our breakfast. Some get a feeling of nausea when they try to have breakfast quickly so that they are not late to work.

It turns out so that we have to practically, starve before having lunch, as when we feel hungry we cannot make out time to have a normal breakfast.

So, what is the way out?

The best possible way is to add organic Ghee grass fed to the coffee that we have. The only thing that you need to take care of is that you have the ghee from manufacturers who honestly use milk of grass fed cows to make the clarified butter.

Two things happen when you have such coffee added with the best grass fed organic ghee. The happenings are:

  • You do not load your stomach with heavy food but you have necessary calories to cope up with your morning job until having lunch.
  • As you are having the energy from fat, you do not suffer from rebound hypoglycemia.

Always having a desire to eat

You may be that type of a person who always feels an urge to eat something irrespective of the heavy breakfast that you had. No, there is nothing disappointing and it is not your fault actually. It is the fast metabolic rates of yours that make such happen.

So, instead of having some snacks you can try having coffee added with organic Ghee grass fed. As the fat in the ghee stabilizes the blood sugar level having coffee added with it is the best option to have a breakfast that is more satiating in the end.