Grass fed cow ghee: proven Ayurvedic home remedies for improved health

Grass fed cow ghee: proven Ayurvedic home remedies for improved health

Grass fed cow ghee: proven Ayurvedic home remedies for improved health

It is globally known that grass fed cow ghee has many medicinal properties. For simple reason, pure cow ghee can be used in different home remedies for improving general health and well being. However, you need to use quality assured cow ghee for enjoying these home-remedy benefits.

Memory boosting therapy

Pure ghee can be excellent memory booster for kids. Just serve two teaspoon lukewarm ghee seasoned with black pepper. Serve the ghee pepper mix everyday with hot rice to get its benefit.

Dry Cough remedy

Dry cough often acts as stubborn. In these chronic cases, pure cow ghee remedy can be your stark savior. Add on teaspoon ghee in lukewarm milk and add ½ teaspoon turmeric power and powdered sugar candy into it.  Stir well thee mix before you take the mix. Try this remedy at least once in a day and continue it or 7-10 days to get rid of the dry cough issue.

Pregnancy induced constipation

Carrying ladies often suffer from the problem of constipation and pure cow ghee can be a good natural medicine to overcome the problem. Take one glass of lukewarm water treated with 1 teaspoon cow-ghee in morning in empty stomach. You can repeat this home remedy at the bed time. This is a simple way to treat the problem of constipation especially at the time of pregnancy.

Chapped lips can be treated with ghee

Smear cow ghee on your chapped lips and allow the grass fed cow ghee to sit on the chapped lips at least for overnight. Continue this remedy for at least 5-7 days and your problem for chapped lips will be completely cured.

Stop nosebleed with ghee

Pour lukewarm ghee on your nostrils and put your head on a high pillow so that the ghee stays inside the nostril.  The remedy will stop the bleeding almost instantly. You may try this remedy with kids also.

Problem of split hair can be solved

Mix lukewarm ghee and coconut oil. Add few curry leaves in it. Allow the mix to sit for some time. Then apply the mix on the hair’s split end.  Allow the ghee mix to sit on your hair over night and rinse hair with soft shampoo.

Increase semen count for men

According to Indian Ayurveda, Grass fed cow ghee can be used in boosting semen count for men. To practice this remedy you need to fry almond and walnuts in 1:1 ratio and fry them in cow ghee. Now grind these fried nuts and drink them with saffron treated milk at night. The potency of cow ghee and these nuts is beneficial or increasing fertility in male, which results in increased semen count.

In order to avail all these ghee benefits, you have to use cow ghee only. Use Milkio New Zealand ghee in your kitchen and use the pure cow ghee for practicing all these home remedies in emergency. You will surely get good results.

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Grass fed ghee: amazing Fertility benefits

Grass fed ghee: amazing Fertility benefits

Grass fed ghee: amazing Fertility benefits

There are different benefits of grass fed ghee, and some of them are shockingly different than our conventional ideas.  For example, once it was believed that consumption of ghee is risky for heart patients. Presently, doctors suggest intake of moderate amount of cow ghee to keep cholesterol under control. Similarly, pure grass fed ghee has been recommended for boosting of fertility for both men and women planning to conceive.

How grass fed ghee consumption boosts immunity

Conception is a complicated process and it takes healthy body and healthy immunity to enjoy. It is a proven fact that ghee is loaded with multiple vitamins and antioxidants. Regular but moderate dose of ghee can help in keeping digestive track, boosting immunity, and increasing muscle power, which makes a human body more receptive and fertile.

Ghee consumption impacts of fertility hormone

Higher immunity keeps all diseases at bay, and for men a healthy body is expected to produce healthy and powerful sperm.

On the other hand, the good cholesterol on pure cow ghee boosts estrogen and progesterone production in a female, which boosts her fertility power.

Ghee has detox power that is congenial to fertility

Increasing of fertility in men and women is not an overnight process. Boosting conception power depends on many delicate issues; clean health system is usually one of them.  According to Indian Ayurveda, accumulated toxins in body often create hindrance in healthy and natural conception. Natural detoxification by ghee often helps in boosting fertility power in men and women planning for a child.

Feel good quality of ghee helps in stress control

In today’s hectic life style stress has become a part of our lives. We cannot eliminate stress from our life, but we can have foods that can help in controlling the impact of stress on us. It is now proven a fact that ghee has feel-good quality. Moderate consumption of pure Milkio grass fed ghee helps in controlling mood swing and reduces the bout of stress.

Ghee induces good impact on Unborn and Future Children

While grass fed can positively boost fertility and it enhances a couple’s ability to conceive, it may also induce good effect on kids before and after birth. Milkio grass fed ghee contains healthy fats, which are helpful for healthy development of a fetus’s brain.

All these amazing ghee benefits are available if the best quality ghee is taken.

You can consume Milkio grass fed ghee to get all amazing ghee benefits. This simple food can bring great change in life especially if you are looking for natural boost of your fertility power.

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Grass fed ghee: 6 healthy ways to add ghee in your diet

Grass fed ghee: 6 healthy ways to add ghee in your diet

Grass fed ghee: 6 healthy ways to add ghee in your diet

We all are aware that adding grass fed ghee in diet is a healthy habit. It is also known that ghee can be used as cooking oil, which has higher smoke point than other cooking oils. But how ghee can be added in your diet? There are different ways you can use ghee for preparing tasteful dishes, but in terms of culinary processing, there are 6 ways you can use ghee in your kitchen for preparing foods.

Use grass fed ghee for stir frying

Stir frying process is also called deep frying process. Cooking oils with higher smoke point is always preferred for this cooking method. As ghee has higher smoke point, (almost 485 degrees Fahrenheit) it is safe to use ghee for stir frying than using other oil variants.

Sautéing is best done with ghee

When you need to sauté spices and base ingredients of preparing a dish, you should follow the process of slow cooking, which takes time. Normal cooking oils may get broken down and may start burning by producing harmful free radicals. Due to higher smoking point ghee is a better option to withstand the slow cooking process without the risk of breakdown, and this is more health friendly.

Cow ghee can add extra ordinary flavoring in cooked dish

Be it boiled veggies or boiled pasta, you can always add spoonful cow ghee into it. It will add a special flavor in the plate that will turn your food into a savory dish. Especially pure Cow ghee has a nutty flavor that is delightful for consumption.

Use ghee as a topping

Grass fed ghee can be used for topping on the bread slices instead of using butter.  The use of ghee topping is a way of using ghee as spread: if you are in a diet, this ghee spread can work as a great filler food. Other than bread, in India, cow ghee can be used on rotis, which makes rotis soft and tasteful.

Use ghee in meat and sea food preparation

There are varieties of ways you can cook ghee with animal proteins. You may consider mixing ghee with herbs and spices of personal choice, and then you may use this mixture as a final rub on already roasted chicken. On the other hand, there is another option to drizzle ghee over cooked mutton, chicken or fish, or you may use this ghee drizzling on sea foods like lobster or scallops. In all ways it will taste awesome and it is healthy too.

 Try adding grass fed cow ghee on rice dishes

Grass –fed ghee is an ideal ingredient for adding a special flavor in rice dishes. When you will be cooking a rice dish, start in on by sautéing chopped onions, and other ingredients with some ghee. Then, you may add this veggies and ghee to the rice to cook a flavorful dish. This combo will work well with cooked rice too.

It is always recommended to use best quality grass fed cow ghee available in market: for example, you can use Milkio Cow ghee and use it for cooking following all these 6 processes.

Milkio ghee is procured from 100% grass fed cow milk, and is packed without preservative, additive, and all sorts of synthetic flavors.

It offers shelf-life of up to 18 months from the date of manufacturing.

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Grass fed ghee: a homely way to pamper your hair

Grass fed ghee: a homely way to pamper your hair

Grass fed ghee: a homely way to pamper your hair

Grass Fed Ghee has plenty of potential for cooking and baking: it is a healthy staple in kitchen. But do you know it can be used as your hair care product?

To know more, read here and start finding the best cow ghee available in market. Best hair care is done by pure cow ghee only.

Everybody is not blessed as Rapunzel with voluminous beautiful hair, but pampering your hair with daily balanced hair care can help you to maintain then in a beautiful way. Check here and know the easy but masterly ways you can try to boost your hair health with ghee care.

Grass fed ghee works as natural conditioner for your hair

Grass fed cow ghee is full of antioxidants and good fatty acids. On application on hair strands, ghee gets quickly absorbed in scalp and reduces unwanted dryness and manages frizzy texture of hair.

Simply mix pure cow ghee and coconut oil and massage on hair gently. Allow the ghee to sit on scalp for 45 min-1 hour. Wash off your hair with mild shampoo.  Not only the remedy conditions your hair, it improves hair quality abruptly.

Prevents dry scalp dandruff, and stimulates hair growth

Very often dandruff is caused by dryness of sebaceous gland when the gland produces little amount of natural oil. As a result the scalp becomes flaky, itchy, and unusually dry. Restricted amount of ghee consumption helps in oil balance in body; however, external massage really brings a wonder for your hair maintenance.

Simply smear lukewarm ghee on your hair scalp and allow the ghee to stray there overnight. For better effect add fresh lemon juice into it and repeat the ghee remedy at least 2-3 times in a week.  It will help you in reducing your dandruff issue and thee treatment will not make your scalp/hair dry and lifeless.

Spilt ends repair

Hair split ends is like a nightmare for proud hair owners. But there is no possible remedy for curing split ends unless you use ghee remedies. It is easy to use. Simply massage ghee like hair oil on your scalp. Keep it on hair scalp for overnight. It is assumed that the vitamin content of pure cow ghee nourishes hair scalp and keeps hair length less break prone and damaged.

Ghee care remedy works fantastic if the hair split ends are due to frequent chemical hair treatment.  

Nourishes color treated hair

Pure cow ghee massage on hair helps in restoring its natural bounce and shine. Simple ghee massage will help to enjoy all benefits of keeping your hair, soft, silky, and bouncing. The unwanted dryness caused by chemical color treatment of hair can be grossly reduced by using this ghee care remedy by self help method.

Hair care by grass fed ghee is simple to manage and it brings quick result if you use pure cow ghee. For best quality cow ghee, use Milkio ghee.

Prepared from 100% grass fed cow milk, this all natural color and preservative free ghee will do wonder for your hair care.

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Grass-fed Ghee: a pantry super hero for your overall health benefits

Grass-fed Ghee: a pantry super hero for your overall health benefits

Grass-fed Ghee: a pantry super hero for your overall health benefits

Grass fed ghee is a versatile cooking product that has several health benefits. Procured from grass fed cow milk, pure ghee can be used in different way for making tasty and healthy foods.   

Ghee is storage friendly

Good quality grass fed ghee is shelf-friendly. Good quality cow ghee can stay up to 18 months on-shelf and no need to have the support of refrigeration. Storage friendliness is one of the main reasons for preferring cow ghee over other cooking oil.  

Ghee can be used perfectly for frying

 Pure Ghee offers high smoke point of 252°C. In comparison to the smoke points of butter, 177°C and olive oil 207°C, respectively, ghee has higher smoke point that makes ghee more cooking friendly and health friendly.  In normal temperature, ghee can be melted and it offers the consistency of usual cooking oil, which you can use for cooking non-veg items, sautéeing veggies, and frying dishes.

Grass fed ghee can be used like to spread or drizzle

Melted cow ghee can be drizzled over popcorn or pancakes, or can be poured on cooked dish of oatmeal as a final touch. On the other hand, cow ghee in its semi-solid state, can be used as a spread on bread, or paratha, or in baking of crackers and deep fried potatoes.

Diet freaks can add a tablespoon of ghee in morning coffee for brewing unique “bulletproof coffee,” a smart drink supporting KETO diet inspired by the health friendly concept of Tibetan butter tea.

Add It to Your Favorite Dishes

Grass fed cow ghee has wonderful nutty flavor. So if it is added to a cooked dish, it adds awesome flavor as the culinary effect. You can add ghee finishing in all types dishes depending on your personal preference. Ghee when added to food, it usually lowers its Glycemic Index and that makes the food healthier if consumed in restrictive amount, says Rujuta Diwakar, famous Dietician.

Research has shown that cow ghee if consumed moderately reduces cholesterol both in serum and in intestine. It is done by triggering an augmented secretion of biliary lipids. Ghee has pacifying effects on  nerves and brain and that makes it a natural concentration level booster.

Grass Fed Ghee: Why Pantry hero?

Grass fed is called a pantry super hero, which means it can be used in versatile way. Furthermore, ghee is good for adding flavor in cooked meal, as well as it can be used for baking and frying for foods. Pure grass fed Ghee has wonderful shelf life and can be a versatile replacement of all types of general cooking oils. It is rightly called the modern pantry hero with awesome health benefits.

However, all these ghee benefits are available from pure cow ghee only. If you are confused about buying the best grass fed cow ghee for your pantry use, you can trust on Milkio Pure ghee. Made in New Zealand, this grass fed pure ghee offers excellent shelf-life (up to 18 months).