100% New Zealand

Somewhere in the southern hemisphere is a country so tiny, that you could almost miss it. Yet, it’s possibly the country with the most to give.

Known for its abundance of freshness…the air, the vegetation, the flora and fauna, and the produce. Rolling hills, clean oceans, pure air. You could say, it’s the best place for livestock and humans alike. Not surprisingly, that’s where Milkio Ghee was born.


Milkio’s ingredients are carefully traced from clean green dairy farms in New Zealand.

Understanding “100%” Pure New Zealand

The quality of the milk produced by the cows is directly related to their diet and the surrounding environment. So, it’s no wonder that New Zealand’s pasture-fed cows, feasting on lush green grass, produce some of the finest milk in the world.

This finest quality cow milk, milk fat, and dairy products procured from this pure milk are found loaded with natural goodness, which is one of the premium qualities of New Zealand dairy foods, and this purity and 100% transparency have branded the country as one of the finest and quality assured dairy exporters across the globe.

Milkio’s dairy ingredients are carefully sourced from the clean green dairy farms of pure New Zealand. We strictly adhere to the RMP and MPI guidelines of NZ food safety protocols for maintaining solid product quality according to 100% of New Zealand’s Provenance

What 100% New Zealand Brand means

New Zealand has earned a unique global identity in multifarious ways. Kiwi community is well-known for its affable nature, but more than that, New Zealand is also honored as an icon of green sustainability and a global leader for maintaining cleanliness and environment protection at its best.

Remote and Protected 
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Deep Dairy Expertise →
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Milkio is 100% New Zealand

We are an entirely New Zealand-based dairy company that runs on New Zealand standards of manufacturing and quality protocols. We cherry-pick our dairy ingredients from authentic New Zealand dairy farms, further process them in our NZ factories, and pack the final products carefully to reach your kitchens. When you will use Milkio, you will get to enjoy the freshness, unwavering quality assurance, and pristine clarity of clean green New Zealand on your platter.

Remote and protected

Remote and Protected

As one of the remote islands in the South Pacific region, New Zealand enjoys an enormous natural advantage of exclusive biosecurity.

New Zealand is a pollution-free country hence it is free from the risk of pests and disease infestations that normally affect dairy farming in other parts of the world. We take good care of the sources that stand responsible for our dairy goodness and we diligently aim to leave things better than we found them for our future generations.


Global Reputation for Safety and Integrity

New Zealand is a trusted brand in the dairy industry’s realm because of its uncompressing excellence in NZ-produced dairy delicacies.

The stringent food safety laws and uncompromising quality maintenance in every step of dairy food manufacturing stand as the backbone of New Zealand Dairy businesses.


Deep Dairy Expertise

New Zealand is called the hub of dairy capability with a rich 150-year legacy of excellence.

The know-how on dairy technology and the integrity of the NZ farmers and farm owners are pillars of this dairy specialized skillset as a whole. Dairy export in New Zealand is one of the most potential business segments, and at Milkio we are aware of it. We are passionate enough about protecting our reputation as dairy product exporters, and we are doing so since our inception.

grass fed goodness

Grass-Fed Goodness

The pristine environment of New Zealand is ideal for growing healthy grass.

The grass is a natural food source for cows, and our cows graze outdoor on open green pastures almost round the year. They grow healthy and happy and consistently produce high-quality, nutritious milk.

New Zealand's environment

How does New Zealand’s environment positively influences dairy?

It is a well-proven fact that you are what you eat, and it directly affects the health of all animals. Obviously, it is also no different for cows.

It is rightly said that you are what you eat, and it is applicable to all living animals. Obviously, cows are no exception. The quality of the milk these NZ cows produce is highly impacted by their healthy and natural diet and the clean and serene environment. Consequently, it’s no wonder that New Zealand’s pasture-fed cattle, feasting on the lush green grass fields, produce the best quality milk year around. This improved and nutritious quality pure milk is used as the raw material for NZ dairy products: New Zealand is proud to take these premium products to the world as one of the leading global dairy exporters.

100 % nz

Milkio ghee is 100% New Zealand

Milkio ghee is produced from 100% grass-fed cow milk and the cows are given mostly grass and grass-based diet year-round for maintaining the best quality of milk in comparison to cow milk nourished by grain feed on the farms.

This good quality grass-fed milk is used for making Milkio ghee and for natural reasons, the product meets the best quality of cow ghee, which the world is enthusiastic about.

Milkio ghee ingredients are carefully chosen for clean green New Zealand dairy farms, and ghee is prepared under strict quality adherence. Milkio grass-fed Cow Ghee is BioGro NZ certified organic.