Ghee according to Ayurveda is wonderful massage oil for preventing dryness in body, as it is oily and conditioning by texture and nature.

Regardless ghee is consumed internally or applied topically, ghee possesses the medicinal ability to nurture and lubricate the skin tissues on a cellular level.  This healthy lubrication reduces dry skin, and offers relief from inflammation and stiff joints pain and unusual tenderness. According to Indian Ayurveda, regular body massage with ghee slows down aging process of body.

In order to enjoy ghee massage, you need to smear ghee all over the body, rubbing into head, chest, limbs, joints, and orifices. The medicinal qualities of ghee will bypass the digestive system and allow the benefits of Ghee to enter directly into the deeper tissues. It is well known a fact that 60% of skin smeared products get absorbed into the body. We exactly “eat” what we smear on our skin.


According to Western science, the massaging therapy over skin generates endorphins or peptides, which can improve the body’s immune system. Peptides are potential component on which mind and body use to communicate with each other and enjoy a literal chemistry of emotion.

The massage with ghee is not rejuvenation of skin, it is a kind of soulful rejuvenation of inner self, however the message should be done by an expert with best quality pure ghee.